Fr. Livio: “We have entered the stormy season of trials and the time for secrets is fast approaching. The world is in turmoil and the roar of weapons heralds the unleashing of a devastating hurricane.

The Queen of Peace prophesied the time of trials starting with her message of July 19, 2019, warning us that we would not be strong and that sin would prevail.

In this span of time she has highlighted the action of Satan, now released from his chains, and his determination to destroy the world and take possession of souls.

Satan, after dragging a large part of humanity away from God and the salvation that comes from the Cross, has intensified his grip on man as never before.

The apparitions of Medjugorje must be placed in this framework which, as the Queen of Peace said, are humanity’s last call to conversion.

Mary’s daily presence has the purpose of preparing the Church for the dramatic spiritual battle that will oppose her to the unleashing of evil and Satan’s attempt to prevail.

In this perspective, the apostles of Mary, “the apostles of my love”, as Our Lady calls them, have an important responsibility.

Mother dedicated a significant number of messages to them, thus outlining a specific spirituality.

The Russia Factor:

First of all, Russia is the protagonist of the secret of Fatima from 1917 until the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which will take place at the end of the secrets.

There is no doubt that Russia is a recurring presence in the Medjugorje messages, from the very beginning until today.

At the present moment, on the eve of the time of secrets, Russia is the main actor on the international level.

Obviously it is a matter of protagonism in an anti-Christic key, so much so that Our Lady has announced his conversion at the end of the time of trials.

The danger of Russia, compared to other nations, is its claim to be “the third Rome” and therefore the affirmation of its primacy in the Christian sphere, which involves the elimination of the Roman papacy.

This elimination is dramatically depicted in the third secret of Fatima, when soldiers shoot and kill the Pope.

Moscow’s claim to be the capital of Christendom has been a constant in Russian history since the 1500s with Ivan the Great, and has been highlighted in modern times by the revelations of Blessed Sister Elena Aiello.

Ave Maria

Father Livio