3 Year-Old Girl with Severe Disease Tells Mother: “Mummy, you cannot do it anymore, bring me to Medjugorje so that Our Lady heals me”

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Originally Published at La Luce Di Maria Translated by Google Translate

The story of Letizia, a little girl of Power Glasses, is unbelievable either because she has been blessed by a miracle and because she is intertwined with that of Raffaele’s brother, too graced by the Lord’s benevolence. The baby is only three years old when they find a troublesome hypoglottal laryngitis and shortly afterwards it is likely to die for a strong laryngeal spasm. Soon after, it is the same little girl (probably by the will of the Madonna) that suggests her mother to go to Medjugorje, where she receives grace and returns to full health.

To bear witness to the miracle that his children have done is Mother Pina Bello in a beautiful book titled ‘The Sky in the Eye’. The biography came out some time after the woman, accompanied by Paolo Brosio, had moved Italy to an exclusive interview with ‘Barbara D’Urso’ on ‘Afternoon 5’. On that occasion the woman said that she did not know the phenomenon of the apparitions of Medjugorje and that when her daughter had been sick she had recourse to the medical aid, first to the hospital of St. Charles of Potenza and then to the Bambin Jesus of Rome. One day, though, the little Letizia made a special request: “Mummy cannot do it anymore, bring me to Medjugorje that my Mother heals me”.

Initially the parents did not listen to her, they first wanted to be well informed about Medjugorje, those months were described by the woman during an interview with the venerable magazine ‘Good Morning’: “We were believers but we did not know Medjugorje was the little one ask to go there! We took it after so many months. Meanwhile, we are recruiting at the San Carlo Hospital in Potenza and at the ‘Bambino Gesu’ Hospital in Rome looking for a difficult care to find; Finally, we opted for an intervention that would not solve the problem but at least prevented laryngospasm from becoming very dangerous. Shortly before the date set for the intervention, however, we decided to uphold the will of the little girl and went on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. ” Once in the village they found a retirement and they went to bed for the next day. But the same night letizia woke them up and told him she had to climb the red hills, her parents satisfied her and returning from the trip the girl was completely cured.

So far it seems to be a healing story like another, but the blessing granted to this family did not stop at the miracle granted to Letizia. On the red hills, in fact, the little girl had also asked for the birth of a little sister who had come to her and thanked Mary for her thanksgiving. Also, sometime later, his brother Raffaele became ill (the child had a year) and his mother hoped that his prayers would be heard again in Medjugorje, getting a second grace in no time.