Catholic Reports: Exorcist #139: Girl freed of demons after Heavenly Signs in a Fire Rainbow… “The Demon Baphomet and his minions have left”

Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

It is over. The horrible case of possession (see Diary #135), for which so many of you generously fasted and prayed, is finally over. Baphomet and his minions have left.*

Two days earlier, as the May crown was being placed on the statue of Our Lady, Fr. Ray, a great priest and one of our spiritual warriors, was surprised to see his parishioners going down on their knees in a hushed, reverent awe. Turning, he saw this rare “fire rainbow

” in the sky.

In recent weeks, I had been commanding the demons, using the words of the Rite, to tell me the day, hour and sign of their departure: “Dicas mihi … diem et horam, éxitus tui, cum áliquo signo.” Seemingly to no avail. At the next session after this heavenly sign, the afflicted young woman was liberated. Perhaps Our Lady herself, in God’s mercy, answered the question.

When Baphomet and the remaining demons left, he screamed so loudly the afflicted person said, “I thought my eardrums were going to burst.” She had spent months of being demonically abused, burned, cut, harassed, What replaced months of torture and hopelessness was an inner peace and rest. It is a joy now to see the smile on her face.

Was the fire rainbow a sign of the imminent liberation of a possessed person? Or perhaps it is a sign of the coming end of the pandemic? Or both? Whatever it foreshadowed, we know the Blessed Virgin is smiling upon us, protecting us, and blessing us.

Most certainly such a special heavenly sign augurs a time of peace for all of us, as well as for this woman. May God make it so!


*A full liberation is only definitively certain after months of being symptom-free and no reaction to the Rite, which is the case to date.