Father Amorth warned us. ‘If in the devil you do not believe anymore, he is very happy”…And the possessed Girl who gave 97 knives to her mother

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Today we re-read his interview, which is always very current.

D. – Father Amorth, first the three girls of Chiavenna, then Erica and Omar, and now the youth band of Somma Lombardo. Is Satan acting in them?
R. – “Surely yes, I studied the first two cases well. Those children  were devoted to the devil, read satanic books. And that ferocious unheard of in their deeds! When a daughter gives ninety-seven knives to her mother, one can not but see the prince of darkness at work “.

Q. – Are there times when Satan is more active than in others?
R. – “In the ordinary way Satan is always active. He is a tempter from the beginning. He does everything because the man cries and every time that evil is done there is always behind him, it being understood that it is the man who freely decides his actions. But then there is also an extraordinary action of the evil one: and this is the diabolical possession “.

Q. – Are cases of possession frequent?
R. – “No, they are rare. But it is impossible for me to give precise figures. The cases of true diabolical possession that I have under treatment are many, but it is because I get the most difficult cases, not solved by other exorcists. In the first years of my activity, when I welcomed everyone without a filter, the vast majority were mentally ill, without the middle demon “.

Q. – From what do you understand that one is possessed?
R. – “I understand it during the treatment, not before. An unequivocal symptom is the violent, visceral aversion to all that is sacred. I remember a father who was afraid of having a son possessed by the devil and one day, while they were at the table, he mentally said an Ave Maria to him. The boy broke out in a cry: ‘Dad, no, shut up!’ Then there is speaking in unknown languages, there is the explosion of a superhuman force, there is levitation: all things that happen during exorcisms “.

Q. – Between a crisis and the other, a demoniac as it lives?
R. – “In a normal way. He goes to work and nobody knows. He keeps his state well hidden. When he hears a crisis coming, he goes away, closes himself in the bathroom, smiles, and then returns impassive in his place. This is even more true for the possessed indemoniats, to whom the exorcism gives the strength to return fully to a normal life. One thing must be underlined: diabolical possession is neither inherited nor contagious “.

Q. – What binds the possessed to the Satanists?
R. – “It often happens that a demoniac becomes such after entering a spiritual or Satanist sect. Among those I have treated there are so few, because only the repentant Satanists come to ask for exorcism. But among them I think they are many more. In the satanic sects it is easy to get in but it is very difficult to go out.In some cases you risk your life “.

Q. – And the Satanists who bond with the devil?
R. – “There are two types: those who worship the devil, celebrate satanic masses, have their priests and a hierarchy; and those who in Satan’s personal existence do not believe at all, but give themselves to foul actions and against nature. This other Satanism is the most dangerous “.

D. – John Paul II pronounced exorcisms on three possessed persons. Are they healed?
R. – “The third no. I’ve been treating her since 1998 and it’s a really painful case “.

Q. – Apart from the Pope, in the Church, how is the belief in the devil?
R. – “Very low. And the devil is very happy, because he has a free hand to do his job. The Church has gone from one excess to another. To remedy the madness of witch hunts, which instead of being exorcised were burned, has erased everything, devil and exorcisms. The result is that entire Catholic regions no longer have only one exorcist: Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. I admire the Italian bishops. They do not understand anything, but at least the exorcists name them.Last year we Italians got together: we were one hundred and seventy “.

D. – Explain better, in what sense do the bishops understand it?
R. – “Because they too, like all priests, have studied in the seminary. And for some time now in the seminary there has been no more teaching of angels and demons, nothing more than exorcisms, nothing more than the sins against the first commandment, ‘You will have no other God but me’: magic, spiritualism and Satanism “.

D. – And the Vatican curia?
R. – “Same incompetence. He gave the green light to a new ritual that for us exorcists is a disaster. Prohibits operating in the event of a curse, when 90 percent of the cases of possession derive from there. It forbids operation if there is no prior certainty of diabolical action, when it can only be understood by exercising.Fortunately, even the old ritual continues to apply. I use that, otherwise I should close “.