Father Livio, director of the popular radio station, Radio Maria, is considered the world’s foremost expert on Medjugorje. He is especially known as the top expert regarding Medjugorje’s 10 secrets. He has authored many book on the subject and has interviewed the 6 visionaries many times.

Father Livio recently received a letter from a listener asking him about a rumor that Italy would have a fundamental role regarding the communication of the secrets and that the Pope would have a role as well.

HI Fr. Livio

I always enjoy listening to all the Radio Maria broadcasts and yesterday I heard that beautiful passage in the car in which you said that Italy will have a fundamental role during the period of secrets also for the prophecies of various mystic compatriots of the past.

When I think of the events in Medjugorje, I believe that based on the announcements that will be made, each of us must also be ready to leave our homes and possessions, such as the flight into Egypt of the Holy Family.

The question I’m about to ask you may sound absurd and paradoxical, but I’m asking it just to get an answer from you. We know that the freedom of the devil is limited by the power of God which allows the tempter to have a certain freedom, but always conditioned and well controlled by the Almighty.

When Father Peter or whoever, given that you have sometimes stated that the Pope could even be the announcer of the secrets, proclaims the place of the event three days before and what will happen from whom will we know this?

Should we listeners of Radio Maria try to act as a sounding board for all the others? Will the evil one be allowed to try to disturb the true indications with his typical counterfeiter’s? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Michael of Lodi

Dear Michael,

Your questions are pertinent but, in my opinion, things are still not clear.

First of all regarding the Priest who will announce the secrets: Mirjana confirmed that for her Father Peter is, but she also said that in the end Our Lady will decide.

Furthermore, the question remains open whether, in the case of a priest, a green light from the ecclesiastical authority will be necessary.

As for the place, I think it is Medjugorje, but where? In the Church, on the hill of the apparitions, or in any case in a significant place in the place?

We keep in mind that, before the announcement, nobody is aware of anything and therefore there shouldn’t be an audience presence.

Once the announcement has been made, I will have to spread it. I believe that in this case the official version of the Parish in the different languages ​​is necessary, as for the messages of Our Lady.

At this point the various mass media concerned, primarily Radio Maria, will broadcast what has been revealed.

But the real problem will be that of wise and responsible communication, which enlightens and guides people in the three days preceding the event.

In this regard, what the ecclesiastical authority says will be very important.

Ave Maria

Father Livio

Source Fr Livio’s Blog