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A Statement on Fr. Michel

Dear readers, With the passing of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, one of Fr. Michel Rodrigue’s prophecies did not occur, which refers to Benedict’s martyrdom following the devastation of Rome:

Here is Father Rodrigue’s prophecy: “The Antichrist is in the hierarchy of the Church right now, and he has always wanted to sit in the Chair of Peter. 

Pope Francis will be like Peter, the apostle. He will realize his errors and try to gather the Church back under the authority of Christ, but he will not be able to do so. He will be martyred. Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, who still wears his papal ring, will step in to convene a council, attempting to save the Church. I saw Pope Francis, weak and frail, held up on either side by two Swiss guards, fleeing Rome with devastation all around. He went into hiding, but then was found. I saw his martyrdom.

This was a clear “prophetic miss”. While such “misses”, even from the saints, have happened (and will continue to happen), these situations must nevertheless be dealt with honestly. As St. Hannibal once wrote:

Conforming to prudence and sacred accuracy, people cannot deal with private revelations as if they were canonical books or decrees of the Holy See… For example, who could ratify in full all the visions of Catherine Emmerich and St. Brigitte, which show evident discrepancies? —St. Hannibal, letter to Fr. Peter Bergamaschi

We hasten to note, however, that this “miss” pertains only to some of the more precise details predicted by Fr. Michel, whereas the vast majority of his messages’ content (for example, the reality and imminence of the Warning, the Antichrist, the Era of Peace, etc. overlaps squarely with what had already been confirmed by — and is still confirmed by — the “prophetic consensus”. Such content, therefore, is in no way called into question by this development.