Fr. Michel Rodrigue Talks about How the Holy Family offers Protection from the coming Chastisement

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Who  is Fr. Rodrigue

Fr. Michel Rodrigue is the founder and Abbott of a new religious order approved by the Catholic Church: The Apostolic Fraternity of St. Benedict Joseph Labre in the diocese of Amos in Quebec, Canada (Fraternité Apostolique Saint Benoît-Joseph Labre). Born into a faithful Catholic family of twenty-three children, Michel grew up poor. His family lived on a small piece of farmland, where hard work and bumpy trips to Sunday Mass with multiple children on horseback kept his family alive in body and spirit.

Fr. Michel Rodrigue and members of the Apostolic Fraternity of St. Benedict Joseph Labre receiving their habits from Bishop Gilles Lemay on August 15, 2017

Like St. Padre Pio and other chosen souls, God the Father began speaking to Michel at a tender age. “When I was three years old,” says Fr. Michel, “God began to speak to me, and we would have regular conversations. I remember sitting under a big tree behind our home on our family farm and asking God, ‘Who made this tree?’

“‘I did,’ God answered. And when He pronounced the word, ‘I,’ suddenly I was given a vast view of the Earth, the universe, and myself, and I understood that everything was made and held in existence by Him. I thought that everyone talked to God the Father. From age three to six, the Lord instructed me in the faith and gave me a thorough theological education. He also told me, when I was three, that I would be a priest.”