George Washington’s little known Marian Apparition – Reveals 5 Major Conflicts – The 5th is most terrible has not yet happened

Source and Roses From Heaven

George Washingont and his Apparition with  the Virgin Mary 


It’s believed Our Lady’s intervention may have saved the life of General George Washington on several occasions; it’s also recorded that she encouraged him at the most trying time of the American Revolution, appearing to him at his headquarters in Valley Forge during the terrible winter of 1777-78. He later described her as a “woman of singular beauty,” and related how she said, “Son of the Republic, look and learn!” In the vision of the future he was then given, Washington saw the colonies take root and thrive, only to be fiercely attacked and dreadfully scourged on 5 different occasions—the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WW 1, WW3 and a future conflict (World War III?) still to take place.

Here is a summary of the Apparition of George Washington

A beautiful Lady appeared to George Washington, the Father of our Country, and gave him aid, comfort and help in the dark days of the Revolutionary War when it appeared to him with his half frozen and half starved Continental Army that all was lost. We of course know that all was not lost, and that with the aid of the Madonna Maria all was saved, the war was won and through the help of God and the Madonna Maria, a new nation was born.

What is not generally known is that when this beautiful Lady, the Madonna Maria, appeared to George Washington, She also gave him in vision revelations of the future of the Nation, at whose birth She had officiated.

The Madonna Maria told and showed George Washington that his beloved country would have to go through five great Sieges of War, and that She would help to protect his Country through each one of them. She told him that in the second great Siege of the Civil War, She would help the great leader of our Country. She told George Washington of the great Siege of War [WW I]in which much of the world would be involved. Madonna Maria told the Father of our Country there would be a second and greater World War [WW II] because of many turning to sin and continuing to offend God. She told him that after World War II there would be a long siege of corruption and bloodshed, due to man’s continuation to offend God through the blackest of sin—sin that has spread all over the globe.

The Madonna Maria told him that this would lead into the Fifth and most terrible period of all, that during the Fifth Siege much bIood would be shed all over the globe, that there would be man powered flying machines and that they would drop great destruction, that there was going to be complete destruction of cities and villages, that all the nations on earth would be involved, and in his own beloved country there would be much bIoodshed.

Had it not been for the intercession of the Madonna Maria’ on several occasions when we faced superior odds and seemingly unsurmountable obstacles, we would have been destroyed. Why God and His Holy Mother have lavished Their love, Their bounty, prosperity and power on so ungrateful, so thankless a nation only They can answer. Still the Madonna Maria appeals to us and warns us to save ourselves and tells us how.