How to use the awesome Power of Blessed Salt to Drive Out Evil (Everything you need to know)

Ways to bless salt and use it for spiritual purposes.

Blessed salt has a power that Christians in general are unaware of.

It is a sacramental protection that you can use in multiple ways in your life, and in the lives of others.

And it is available to everyone, even in the worst circumstances.

Here we will talk about everything you need to know about blessed salt, what it is for and how it is used, how to handle it, what prayers bless it and who can do it, even what type of salt to use. After knowing this you will have no doubts about everything that the blessed salt offers you.

It is easy to understand why we Christians bless water, because it is essential for life, you cannot live without drinking water, that is why we use it in baptism for example.

But we also bless salt, because it is an element of protection.

Salt has been used since ancient times to preserve food and other things from corruption, to season them, and was even used medicinally to prevent infection.

And it had from very early on a sacred and religious character, both among the pagans and among the Jews.

Hence, blessed salt is an element strongly associated with spiritual battle, with protection against demonic influences. The demons hate her.

In the ancient world it was a valuable substance, Roman soldiers were often paid in salt, hence the word “salary”.

And in a related way, it symbolized immortality and preservation from spiritual corruption.

Also, salt is useless in itself, its goodness is for the good of something else.

For example, we don’t eat salt by itself, we use salt to flavor and preserve other things.

And this is a metaphor for our spiritual life, and in fact, our entire life.

I have no meaning in the world without the point of reference of others.

The Catholic understanding of what is human is that we only have meaning to the extent that we live our lives, for others and for God, as salt finds its value in preserving or purifying other things.

And so salt is associated with hospitality, good humor, welcome and love of neighbor, all things that the devil hates.

There are several biblical passages that show this understanding of salt.

In the book of Kings 2:19, Elisha uses salt to purify the waters of a well.

Ezekiel 16:4 mentions the use of salt on the skin to prevent infection.

Jesus preached about salt by describing his elect as “salt of the earth” in Matthew 5:13.

And in Mark 9:50, Jesus reminded us “Salt is good; but if the salt becomes bland, with what will you season it? May salt not be lacking among you.

Therefore blessed salt is one of the sacramentals that Christians can use for protection and healing.

Let us remember that sacramentals are sacred signs that dispose people to receive grace.

So its effectiveness depends on the faith and devotion of the person who uses it.

Although its power is not decreased to zero by the person’s faith or disbelief.

Give a sinner a sacramental and the power of heaven will work in his heart, perhaps not on our terms, but surely on God’s terms.

A typical case, for example, is the conversion of unbelievers through the use of the Miraculous Medal.

Well, salt is a sacramental just like a medal.

Today, the use of holy salt in the Church is especially for exorcisms, for baptism, the re-consecration of an altar, and the blessing of holy water in some circumstances.

And for what things can people of faith use blessed salt?

To create a spiritual barrier of protection in their homes and ward off evil spirits.

The blessed salt can be sprinkled on doors, entrances, under the bed, cabinets, mirrors, window frames and corners of the room.

Salt can be used when building a new house by sprinkling salt on the foundation of the house.

Or it can be used to protect other property, such as a car.

It can also be placed in a small container and then stored in the bag or pockets.

And you can bless the members of the family with blessed salt.

Many times a combination of water and salt is used, blessed by putting a grain of holy salt in the water and it is easier to sprinkle.

Furthermore, a grain of holy salt transforms ordinary water into holy water.

But the opposite doesn’t work , because if you put a drop of holy water in a pot of salt, not all the salt is touched by the water.

The Archdiocese of Manila Exorcism Office shared this simple prayer to recite when using blessed salt to bless a home in general terms.

The head of the family will exercise spiritual authority over the property by using the blessed salt with this prayer:

“I seal this room, home or whatever, in the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ our Savior, (sign of the cross is made) in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen”.

Also this prayer can be used to bless any specific property with salt.

And the San Miguel Arcángel exorcist center recommends this prayer for specific protection against demons:

“Lord Jesus Christ, our God, (sign of the cross is made) bless and seal with your precious blood this bedroom of your servant N (or the room is named). May I be protected by your grace from all the attacks of the adversary.

For your protection, may I rest easy and prepare with devotion to serve you tomorrow and every day.

So that always faithful to you, your servant may be counted among the blessed in the kingdom, where you live and reign (the sign of the cross is made) with the Father and the Holy Spirit, for ever and ever. Amen.”

And then grains of salt are placed or water with grains of salt is sprinkled inside.

Also blessed salt can be used for cooking.

Instead of using ordinary salt, use a blessed salt when you cook.

You can even sprinkle blessed salt in your kitchen.

A few grains in drinking water or used in cooking or as a food seasoning are said to provide amazing spiritual and physical benefits.

Even blessed salt can be added to food when you go to eat somewhere else or even when you buy ready-made food.

Even if you don’t use it to prepare food, you can consume blessed salt before leaving home to ask for protection and blessings.

For example, putting a grain of salt in your mouth.

You can use blessed salt as spiritual protection while traveling.

It can be used in cars and hotels where you and your family stay, carrying a small vial of blessed salt with you on the go.

But it is important not to be superstitious, you have to make use of the blessed salt without becoming paranoid.

It is necessary to use a healthy and balanced approach with the use of blessed salt, as with any other sacramental.

Our faith must be centered in Christ.

Remember, for example, the blind man in John 9, whose sight was restored, not because of the mud and saliva with which the Lord anointed his eyes, but because he had faith in Jesus.

But if we admit we are in a spiritual war, why wouldn’t we want to make use of the tools and prayers the Church equips us with to better protect ourselves?

And how do you get blessed salt so you can use it?

It is not bought but made.

You must get grain salt, it is preferable that it be pure salt, such as natural rock salt, or sea salt or kosher salt, which does not have chemical additives.

And it is presented in any quantity to a priest for blessing using the following official prayer of the Roman Ritual:

“Almighty God, we ask you to bless this salt, as you once blessed the salt sprinkled on the water by the prophet Elisha.

Wherever this salt is sprinkled, drive away the power of evil and always protect us with the presence of your Holy Spirit. Grant it through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

When you go to ask a priest, please take the prayer with you so that he can read it, because he probably does not remember it by heart.

And if we do not have a priest available, what do we do?

The first option would be to put the salt in front of the blessing that priests of salt and water make online.

And in case priestly mediation does not work, because you do not get this option, the faithful themselves can go directly to God.

The head of the family can perform it himself.

But you must bear in mind that when a priest blesses, his blessing is not personal, but has behind it all the accumulated merits of the Church through the centuries.

On the other hand, when the blessing is carried out by a head of the family, the support behind it is the merits of the person only.

And how is blessed salt preserved?

It is placed inside a closed container so that it does not reduce in volume over time.

Well, up to here everything that is important to know about blessed salt, what it is for and how it is used, how to handle it, what prayers bless it and who can do it, and what type of salt should be used.

And I would like to ask you if you have ever used blessed salt and for what.