October is the month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the prayer of the rosary. This October, on the very feast of the Virgin Mary of the Rosary, a fierce attack began in Israel and Palestine, which was coincidentally predicted by some living supposed prophets and mystics, but also by some mystic saints who lived decades before.

No matter what we do or think and no matter how much we reject the idea of ​​a ‘time of trouble’, the fact is that the tribulation is happening, and the lord of chaos and death has entered the world stage.

The Virgin and the Eucharist: A sign of the times? 

Now the photos published by the official channel of God’s mercy are going around the world, showing the image of Our Lady in the Eucharist. It is said that the well-known priest Father Chris Alar, who organized the spiritual exercises when this event allegedly took place, will speak about this event in a podcast on Wednesday.

They describe that between October 13 and 14, hundreds of people witnessed this apparition at the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Brentwood near San Francisco.

“Father Chris Alar has just agreed to come on the Grace Force Podcast to talk about this miraculous event and give his thoughts on what is happening in our times,” they reported. The podcast will be released on Wednesday evening.

We need to be sensible and prudent until we hear what and if Father Alar will say, however, if the photos are authentic, it is hard not to notice that the Lady in the picture appears in a blue robe, which is particularly reminiscent of Our Lady of Kibeška. The lady who came to warn Kibeh about the genocide that happened and took millions of victims, but also humanity to trouble.

Furthermore, St. John Bosco had a dream about a great storm or trouble at the end of time. He said he saw two pillars that would save the church from that storm. One is the Eucharist, and the other is the Blessed Virgin Mary.

If this appearance of Our Lady in the Eucharist is authentic, we can say that we are witnessing a wonderful sign of the times and the encouragement of God’s people.