Immaculee Hears From Boy in Heaven …”Paradise is waiting for us when our order comes to us to leave this world, but only if our heart is pure and sincere.”

The book “The boy who met Jesus” begins with the testimony of Immaculée Ilibagiza.

The author of the book was born in Rwanda where she survived the genocide and now lives in the United States. Immaculee works as a public speaker and writer, and founded the Left to Tell charity fund in 2007 to assist orphans from Rwanda.

From “The boy who met Jesus” :

“At first I did not see anything. I only knew that I was alone in the darkness that was so big that I thought I would suffocate. Then, as if there was some air of life beyond that deep darkness, I knew the calming voice of someone I loved and trusted in my childhood. It was the voice of Segatashy, the voice of a boy in my native Rwanda who was known for an encounter with Jesus.  His gentle voice came to me through the dark. At first, I did not recognize him but slowly I began to turn to the word and he gently whispered to me: ” Paradise is waiting for us when our order comes to us to leave this world, but only if our heart is pure and sincere.

Immaculate Ilibagiza heard these words in 2010, sixteen years after Segatashya from Kibeha was killed.

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“If the Church officially admitted the apparent apparitions – that apparitions would continue to be a private revelation. Such as private revelations and, for example, appearances in Fatima and Lourdes. And the apparitions in Medjugorje have a private revelation, and this will remain after the Vatican can confess them, and we hope so much. It’s not about general, binding postings. It should be well explained: as opposed to private, general or public proclamations, they are given to the whole Church, and for the credibility of these revelations is guaranteed Sacred Scripture and the Sacred Tradition. Catholics are bound by faith to believe in all the general revelations. It is also important to note that the general announcements ended with the death of the last Apostle. American Catholic writer and apologist Karl Keating in the book “What the Catholics Believe: 52 Responses to Common Misconceptions of Catholic Religion,” published in the Croatian language by Split Verbum 2007., about private publications, writes:

“Mary’s apparitions, as well as the apparitions of other saints, are examples of what we call private revelations. […] If you ever receive a private revelation in the form of apparitions, and if you are convinced that this apparition is from God, or from one of his saints who does so in the name of God, you are bound by the conscience to believe in his authenticity and act according to the message that Is submitted. If someone else comes up with a claim that he has a vision, you can freely ignore it, even if it is authentic. The belief in the authenticity of this or that apparition is not necessary for salvation. If someone tells you that you will not be saved if you do not believe in this or that apparition, you can be sure that this person does not know what he is talking about. “

To avoid possible confusion does not mean that we can not believe in private postings that we did not receive directly. On the contrary! It is desirable to believe in them, by faith sincerely, open to God and people. So we can personally meet the Bogačovjek Jesus Christ.

The book “Boy Who Has Encountered Jesus” tells us about this really special way. It is worth reading, “wrote Marito Mihovil Letica for Radio Vatican.