Jesus in the sky of Agropoli: The most viral photo of the week

Source: La Lucia Di Maria

The sun makes space in the clouds and rips the sky at sunset (or almost), on the beautiful sea of ​​Agropoli, in the province of Salerno. 
And it seems that the light delineated the figure of Christ the Redeemer who, with open arms, suspended between sky and sea, awaits the return of his faithful to the faith.

What many define only a play of light can not make us remain indifferent, because it is so beautiful as to arouse, at least, some thoughts on the wonders of creation and on the grace of things that nature itself forges. 
Who believes the God, however, remains open-mouthed , as recalled to formulate an intention of prayer, in homage to the figure that stands out in the sky and that brings us back to the Christ Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro or to the one on Mount San Biagio di Maratea .

Agropoli: this photo reassures our faith

The photo in question was taken a few days ago by Alfredo Lo Brutto, who then published it on his Facebook page. 
He immediately got lots of shares , so much so that everyone will have seen and commented on it, depending on their sensitivity.

We want to do it too, therefore, allowing ourselves to be amazed by the beauty of this image, the combination of reflections and light infiltrations that invite the heart to rediscover how wonderful we could still see, if only we stop for a moment our link with the tangible, with the material and materialistic world , and allow the soul to understand beyond, to project itself towards the boundless horizons of spirituality, to yearn for something that is perceived only when one is willing to recognize oneself as small in the face of creation.

Antonella Sanicanti