Medjugorje. The comment of Father Livio -Radio Maria: ‘Your soul is the most precious thing that really belongs to you!

Message of Medjugorje. The comment of Father Livio (Radio Maria): ‘Your soul is the most precious thing that really belongs to you!



EDITORIAL OF PADRE LIVIO FANZAGA (ON THE SITE OF RADIO MARIA) Dear friends, the message of the Queen of Peace of November 2, 2019 leads us directly to the heart of faith and Christian life, which is the mystery of God the Holy Trinity. In fact there is only one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit and there is no other God besides Him. We have access to God through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God made man and, in union with Him, we can recognize him and love him as a Father.

At the same time the Father reveals himself to us through his Son, who is the face of the Father, and it is by knowing and loving Jesus that we know and love the Father. For this reason we must always carry the face of Jesus in our hearts and think about his love and his sacrifice. There is no knowledge of God except by looking at Jesus Christ with the eyes of faith. It is through Him that the Father comes to us and we go to the Father.

In a moment of bewilderment in which in the hearts of many people the faith in the divinity of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the only Savior of the world, becomes blurred, Our Lady reminds us of the fundamental mystery of the Christian faith, which is unity with the Father of his Son Jesus. He, as the Mother does not tire of reminding us, is God from God, One of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Queen of Peace reaffirms the revealed faith because she sees a lying religion manifested, which denies the divinity of Jesus Christ and her redeeming sacrifice and, while speaking of a single God, in reality identifies him with the world and with the same man. He deceives and deceives by envisaging a universal brotherhood, but without Jesus Christ, who alone can give us the forgiveness of sins, the dignity of children and eternal life.

This is why Our Lady urges us in every message to be strong and firm in faith, bearing witness to the love of Jesus for those who do not know him, so that souls may be saved and why we too, persevering in faith and testimony, can save our soul “the most precious thing that really belongs to you”.

Your Father Livio



Let us re-read together the last message from Medugorje November 2, 2019

“Dear children, my beloved Son has always prayed and glorified the Heavenly Father. He has always told him everything and trusted in his will. So you too should do, my children, for the Heavenly Father always listens to his children.A single heart in one heart: love, light and life. The Heavenly Father gave himself through a human face, and this face is the face of my Son. You, apostles of my love, you should always carry the face of my Son in your hearts and in your thoughts. You should always think of his love and his sacrifice. You should pray so that you always feel his presence. Because, apostles of my love, this is the way to help all those who do not know my Son, who have not known his love.My children, read the book of the Gospels: it is always something new, it is what binds you to my Son, who was born to bring words of life to all my children and to sacrifice for everyone. Apostles of my love, brought by love towards my Son, bring love and peace to all your brothers. Do not judge anyone, love everyone through love for my Son. In this way you will also take care of your soul, and it is the most precious thing that really belongs to you. Thank you!”