Mirjana warns: “Those who don’t believe have no idea what awaits them”

On November 6, 1982, Mirjana received the eighth secret, which scared her greatly. She begged Our Lady to protect humanity from misfortune.

Our Lady told her: “I have prayed, and the punishment has been reduced. Repeated prayers and fasting can reduce the punishments of God, but it is not possible to avoid them entirely. Go to the streets of the cities. Count those who glorify God and those who insult Him. God can no longer bear it.”

The secrets of Medjugorje are written on an indestructible piece of paper.

According to the seer Mirjana, the secrets are written on a piece of paper that resembles parchment but is “indestructible.” It cannot be bent or torn.

Fr. Petar Ljubičić, who has been chosen by God to reveal the secrets, says that when the time comes, the contents of the secrets will be visible to him first, and then to others after seven days. This will happen for each of the ten secrets.

“Ten days before the event of the first secret, Mirjana will inform me,” says Fr. Petar. “Then I will immediately head to Medjugorje, and maybe providence will want me to be there already. After that, I will spend a full seven days in prayer and fasting so that I myself, overwhelmed by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, would fully understand the meaning of the message and better penetrate into its secret. And then, three days before the start of the announced events, I would announce it to the world.”

As far as is known about the content of the secrets, the first two will be proof that the visionaries have been telling the truth all these years. The third will announce a visible sign that Our Lady will leave at the place of the first apparitions as a call to the conversion of those who are far from God.

The other seven secrets will partly concern the visionaries and partly be announcements of dramatic events in the world.

Many are impatient to know when the secrets will be revealed, but one thing is certain: it will happen during the life of Fr. Petar.

“The Holy Virgin told me that it is necessary to pray a lot until the first secret is revealed,” says Mirjana. “The first two secrets will take a while. Be ready, it will be visible, and it is necessary to shake the world a little. It will cause the world to stop and think.

“But apart from that, it is necessary to sacrifice as much as possible, help others as much as we can, and fast, especially now before the first secret.”

Mirjana adds: “She said that we have to prepare. She not only asks, but begs everyone to convert, pray, and fast. Those who don’t believe have no idea what awaits them, and that’s why, like a mother, she is in deep mourning for them.

“It is not enough just to pray. It is not enough simply and quickly to say a few prayers in order to be able to say that we have prayed and done our duty. What she wants from us is to pray from the bottom of our souls. It is a dialogue with God.”

In a message to Mirjana Our Lady said on June 2, 2019:

” Dear children, only a pure and open heart will make you really know my Son and that all those who do not know his love will know it through you. Only love will make you realize that it is stronger than death because true love has defeated death and made death non-existent. My children, forgiveness is the highest form of love. You, as apostles of my love, must pray to be strong in spirit and able to understand and forgive . You, the apostles of my love, set an example of love and mercy with your understanding and forgiveness. Being able to understand and forgive is a gift to be prayed for and nurtured. By forgiving you show that you know how to love. Just look, my children, how the Heavenly Father loves you with great love, understanding, forgiveness and justice, how he gives you me—the mother of your hearts. And here I am among you to bless you with a mother’s blessing, to call you to prayer, to fast, to tell you to believe, to hope, to forgive, to pray for your shepherds, and above all to love without limits. My children, follow me. My way is the way of peace and love, the way of my Son. It is the path that leads to the triumph of my heart. Thank you. “