The visionaries say that the ten secrets refer to the whole world and are linked together in a chain. The ten secrets are connected with future world events.

To the question: When will the secrets be realized? The visionary Miryana replied: “Over the span of our generation.I can’t say when, but everything is approaching, we need to pray for non-believers because they know not what awaits them. “ The ten secrets have always been a mysterious attachment to the extraordinary apparitions of the Blessed Mother, who now has been appearing on earth for over 40 years.

Our Lady says this moment in history is a special time of grace for all humanity. She says now is the time for conversion before the secrets begin to unfold. The conversion of souls is why Our Lady is here but the secrets do not go away and this has intrigued many bible experts.

Certain experts who specialize in Numerology have researched the significance of why Our Lady has come with ten secrets. But for a moment, let us keep one thing in mind, the Catholic Church Fathers believed the numbers in the bible had mystical significance, but they cautioned against pushing mystical interpretations to the extreme.

Numbers clearly have significant symbolic importance in the Old Testament. For instance, the number seven signifies God’s creation of the universe in seven days, including the day of rest on day 7. Certain numbers appear again and again in the Old Testament, leading readers to believe they carry significant meaning.

The number 40 is repeatedly used when a promise is being fulfilled. This was the case during the Noahic Flood when it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. Also when Israelis ate Manna for 40 years. In the New Testament Jesus was in the desert for 40 days. And now the Blessed Mother has been appearing here on earth for 40 years.Show less