Recently in Mexico, Virgin Mary statue visibly ‘crying’ Hundreds flock to see ‘message from God – video evidence…”Tears kept falling like raindrops”

Hundreds of Christians have flocked to the church in Mexico to witness the Virgin Mary “crying”, in an incident which some believe is a message to God


This is the moment a Virgin Mary statue appears to weep – reportedly attracting hundreds of devotees to visit the church where it is based and beg the mother of Jesus for miracles.

The statue was filmed “crying” at the San Antonino Obispo Chapel in the community of Cerro Armadillo Chico in the region of Cuenca del Papaloapan located in the northern Mexican state of Oaxaca.

Our Lady of Sorrows, also called the Sorrowful Mother, are the names by which the Virgin Mary is referred to in reflection of the sad events in her life.

According to local media, the religious icon was displayed over the New Year period and visitors claimed the statue’s eyes were red while tears appeared to fall down its cheeks.

Reports said that some people even mopped the statue’s tears away, but they kept on falling like raindrops.

After the news spread, devotees flocked to the site to pray for miracles and cures for diseases.


Visitors went to the chapel with flowers and candles which were placed next to the statue.

Local resident Antonio Trinidad told local media that the crying statue is a sure sign that “something important is about to happen”.