Dear children of my Immaculate Heart: I offer you my maternal hands to guide you to My Son. My Son, handed over to those who despised Him, beat Him, scourge Him, like a meek Lamb (Jer. 11:19), was led from one place to another before those who called themselves “doctors of the Law”, feeling threatened by the Truth from on High…. (Is. 53:7). At this time when so many deny My Son, even though they know Him, history is repeating itself. This generation, more than previous ones, is repeating this betrayal.

At this moment great confusion is being generated; human beings do not know what the Truth is, they do not know which way to go, because they do not know my Son. They have devoted themselves to living half-heartedly, without going deeper, without reasoning…. Sadly, a great majority are only Christians by tradition. This scourges my Son, crowning Him with thorns because of my children’s lack of knowledge regarding Divine Work and Action. That is why my Son’s People are being led like docile lambs facing any event whatsoever; they have no discernment, they do not go into events in depth. They believe that they love my Son, and yet in a moment everything vanishes like the waves of the sea, because they do not love my Son in spirit and in truth… (Jn 4:23b) they do not look beyond what their eyes can see… they do not acquire knowledge… In the end, they are people living in false religiosity. This wounds the Most Sacred Heart of my Son. They do not love Him in spirit and in truth. Being a lukewarm people, they do not discern and are easily confused, even knowing how evil is proliferating, wanting to encompass all of humanity and to do harm to your bodies.

I ask you: And when the seal (the  Mark) of the Beast is proposed as a means for traveling on earth?… Who will be faithful to my Son? Will my Son find any faithful on earth?

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart: During his agonizing farewell, My Son’s Face shows the pain that He is about to confront: the pain of betrayal, the pain of human wrath. This sad reality has been repeated throughout Salvation history. It is the God-Man who has instituted Priestly Ordination…. The God-Man consecrates Himself (cf. Mt 26:26) before departing to do the Father’s Will, even though He is betrayed…. Out of love He feeds you with His Body and Blood, knowing that ideas and modernism will separate you from this Divine Food. Oh Humanity, that does not see, does not feel, does not grasp the wickedness of the one who is in your midst to usurp what belongs to my Son! My Son’s sacrifice for all will be transformed into a religion for all, a religion without the nourishment of the Eucharist, without a Mother, without commandments. There will be one religion, one law, one order. Who will be able to buy and sell? (Rev 13:16-17) Those who will yield to the seal of the antichrist, but having lost their souls.

Pray, my children, for swift conversion.

Pray, my children, that men would come to the knowledge of the Truth.

I remain with the People of my Son. Walk towards my Son: go against the currents of the world, save your souls!