In an interview with Medjugorje visionary, Mirjana, she was asked about the Virgin Mary and how Our Lady helps us to be alert in recognizing the face evil:

“Our Lady said in a message:“ Where I arrive, Satan also arrives. Because the evil one cannot bear the Holy Mass and faithful prayers without trying to do something to interfere.


And the devil has strength if we give it to him, but if God reigns in our hearts, Jesus and Our Lady are already there to protect us”

Our Lady is the one who has the most power against Satan. So we need to stay with her. By entrusting oursleves to her this can make the difference between remaining in the graces of the Lord or living in despair, hatred, resentment.

Mirjana says it is very important to know the devil exists.

“We think we live forever. Nobody will live forever. Every moment can be when God calls us. Because life passes. It is just a step. Our life is like a flower. You have to earn your future with God.

Our Lady said in a message: “When God calls you, he will ask you how you lived your life. It is very important that you are ready to answer this question. What will you tell him? How were you on this life on earth? ” Only that is important. “.

The Virgin Mary will help us alot on our journey. She is the model that inspires us. Her irreproachable conduct of her life can drive us towards the search for purity and humility.

Our Lady says prayer is the means to free ourselves from the superfluous, from what hides the truth and from what makes us waste time in finding a dialogue with the Lord. Praying is not a way to satisfy oneself, but to rediscover the union with all our brothers and sisters in a gigantic embrace that gathers those who yearn for the Creator.