Our Lady’s Russia Prophecy to Pedro Regis “A Great War is Coming”

On December 21, 2021
Vladimir Putin primed Russia for war with  his spokesman warning NATO to back off or “everyone will be turned to ash.  

And, I want to emphasise, we have every right to do so, we have every right to take actions designed to ensure the security and sovereignty of Russia.”

On December 16, Catholic Mystic Pedro Regis  was given a message from the Our Lady in Brazil that some believe contains a prophecy about Russia and that  “great war is coming”


Our Lady said:Dear children, do not allow the devil to steal your peace and to keep you from the path that I have pointed out to you. Bend your knees in prayer. You are heading for a painful future. 

A great war is coming, and only those who love the truth will remain firm in the faith. Brave soldiers in cassocks (Russian’s) will fight for the one, true Church of my Jesus, and the pain will be great for those devoted to me. [1] 

I suffer because of what is coming for you. Seek strength in sincere prayer, in Confession, and in the Eucharist. Those who listen to my appeals will experience great victory. Onward without fear! I love you and will always be with you! This is the message that I give you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for having allowed Me to gather you here once again. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace.


Why Pedro Regis?

Visionary of Our Lady of Anguera

Pedro Regis since 1987,  was purported apparitions of Our Lady of Anguera in Braz. . He has attracted the attention of specialist writers such as the well-known Italian journalist Saverio Gaeta, and has lately been the subject of a book-length study by researcher Annarita Magri.


One thought on “Our Lady’s Russia Prophecy to Pedro Regis “A Great War is Coming”

  • It is the US and NATO egging on that war…so much deceit behind the scenes. The same corruption that has destroyed the US and Europe is seeking to destroy Russia. Russia would only act in self-defense. Russia is not the aggressor. And in this case, self-defense would mean a first strike. President Putin has said, “Fifty years ago the Leningrad street taught me a rule: if a fight is inevitable you have to throw the first punch.” And, Russia is now Christian, making it a target of godless globalism. Russia is the sane leader in this, trying to avoid war, telling the US and NATO to back off and they keep egging it on…of course, war will distract from failures at home.

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