Poseidon rises! Crashing wave appears to show the face of fearsome god of the sea

  • The stunning images were captured during Storm Justine in France as waves battered into the Brittany coast
  • Photographer Mathieu Rivrin was shocked to see the face of Poseidon and a crown in the crest of the wave
  • The 30ft waves sprayed water 150ft into the air during the destructive storm on Europe’s west coast

The 31-year-old said: ‘When I took the images, the most powerful waves of the storm were striking the French coast.

‘The waves were 10m high and when they hit the wall, the explosion was sometimes around 50m high.

‘I saw the incredible image of Poseidon with his crown, coming out of the ocean with his face in the wave.’

‘I seek to show all the beauty, elegance and life that a wave can offer you.’