Shocking photos show Russian destroyer playing a dangerous game of chicken with a US warship

  • The US Navy released shocking photos showing a Russian warship confronting a US Navy vessel in the Philippine Sea.
  • A Russian destroyer sailed to within 100 feet of the cruiser USS Chancellorsville on Friday, risking a collision and putting the sailors on board in danger.
  • The US warship was forced to slam on the brakes and change course to avoid a potential disaster at sea.
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A Russian destroyer challenged a US warship to an unusual showdown in the Pacific on Friday, forcing it to take sudden evasive action.

The destroyer, according to US 7th Fleet, engaged in “unsafe and unprofessional” behavior, sailing extremely close to the Ticonderoga-class cruiser USS Chancellorsville and risking a collision with the US vessel.

It came just a few days after a Russian fighter aggressively buzzed a US Navy aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea.