Powerful prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows to ask for a favor

Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows to ask for a great grace. September has always been the month dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Sorrows, the Mother of Sorrows. Mary’s tears have always accompanied our life, our mistakes, our pain that becomes her because we are all her children.

Let’s invoke her with this prayer, certain that she will help us as only a mother can do.

“With sincere repentance I come to you oh Virgin Mother of sorrows,

I am increasingly unworthy to be in your presence

but when I remember you are the mother of Mercy,

mty comfort, the treasurer of divine grace,

I feel confidence reborn in my heart.

Today I appeal to you, with all the affection of my soul

hoping to get what I come to ask you,

a true repentance for my many sins and for my great one

ingratitude and a deep sorrow for having offended

my Jesus that has never stopped filling me with favors and

thank you since you created me.

Get for me, oh tender mother, that my displeasure

for having lost the divine grace it could be like that

you felt when you lost your beloved Son;

pierce my ungrateful heart with that same sharp sword

who has pierced yours at the foot of the cross.

I implore for me the horror of sin, awareness

of my nothingness so that you may obtain for me the grace of final perseverance.

Remember oh my beloved Mother that if I have these graces through your intercession, I am here  below this cross will be among the most faithful to your beloved son, thus giving joy to your heart so that I can, one day, praise him and bless him beside you in the sky.

I come to ask you for a last grace oh loving Mother … (ask for the

grace that is needed), in you I hope, in you I place all my trust,

in you I have placed my pain, my life and my heart.

Mother that you can all, pray for me a poor sinner.