From Heaven, Virgin Mary taught Emma de Guzmanhow to pray.

Emma De Guzman is a slight, radiant widow who glows with good health. She has three children and three grandchildren and emigrated from the Philippines in 1986. She lives in Bloomsbury, NJ with her daughter and two grand-children. Their home is an open center where people from the mid-Atlantic, the north-east and various parts of Ontario gather for prayer before the altar formed by several shelves of statues’.

Emma’s range of purpoted mystical activity is simply staggering. She claims to met a huge range of saints, such as Maria De Pazzi and Pope John Paul 2 and engaged in intimate conversations with them, she claims to be a stigmatic, to have seen the angels and Our Blessed Lady, to have met numerous souls in purgatory who come to ask her intercession ( she mentions that they tell her the date of their deaths 1602, 1820 and so on and what they were when alive and so on) and on and on the endless list of mystical prodigies goes; so much so that if even half of them are true there can be little or no doubt that Emma is indeed the greatest living mystic of modern times; ideen very arguably the greatest mystic of all times.

She is very much a lady to be taken seriously , according to her own web site (and I have no reason to doubt this), she claims to have many Bishops and priests amonst her devotees and a very widespread net work of prayer groups and to have built up a very large collection of followers and supporters indeed. So Emma’s is no fly by night or whole in the wal operation, it is a very serious operation indeed.