Report: Russia Brokering Peace in Middle East Foretold by Our Lady of Fatima

CONFUSING GLOBAL POLITICAL EVENTS, such as those happening in Syria and the Middle East cannot be understood properly without knowledge provided by the Virgin Mary who in 1917 revealed a future global Era of Peace, an unprecedented peace intimately related, she said, to the “Conversion of Russia”. It is worth repeating: The proper lens through which to understand global events, especially those currently unfolding in Syria and the Middle East, is through a startling Divine Message the Mother of God communicated to three Portuguese children (July 13, 1917) Jacinta and Francisco Marto (now canonized saints) and Lucia dos Santos while tending their familys’ flocks in the Cova da Iria of Fatima, Portugal. She opened their minds to the future foretelling World War II, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the pandemic scope of communism and its unprecedented cruciation permitted by God as a punishment for the sins and offences of humanity. Nonetheless, as foretold in Genesis 3:15 by the will of the Holy Trinity and united to her Son, she would crush the forces of evil:

“In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.”

She revealed this startling news in 1917; twelve years later (June 13, 1929) she appeared again, this time solely to the eldest child, Lucia Santos (who had become a Dorthen Nun stationed at Tuy, Spain) and announced the following:

“The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father, in union with all the bishops of the world, to make the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, promising to save it  by this means” (Tuy, 1929).

It took another 55 years for the consecration to be made by Pope John Paul II on March 25, 1984. By that time the communists had spread their errors (atheism, materialism, socialism) throughout the world as she had foretold, so much so that the effects are cascading to this day. It will take much effort and a significant amount of time to undo them, but anyone closely observing global events can tell that a change, a significant change, is clearly underway in Russia and around the world. Russia’s unexpected conversion is confounding the architects of globalism and their liberal foreign policy initiatives – the entire global system is being thrown off of kilter by what the Russians are doing; no one expected it. The liberal regime had expected Russia to continue down the New Age path navigated by Gorbachev and liberal puppet Boris Yeltsin. In short, Russia was expected to be a player on the team advancing liberalism and its relentless anti-Christian global agenda.  Instead, to everyone’s surprise, Russia has taken an about face and is reasserting its Christian identity.


Liberal ideologues monopolizing power in both the United States and among NATO nations have identified Russia as the major political/military threat standing in opposition to their plans for global hegemony. In the past, the aggression  was due to Russia’s Atheistic Communism; today it is due to the country’s commitment to family and traditional Christian values that are under vicious attack in the West. Therefore, intolerant liberal-minded globalists have undertaken an all-points crusade to vilify Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin. When these global hegemons engineered a coup in the Ukraine against a democratically elected government, when they undertook support of Islamic terrorists killing Christians in Syria following on the heels of their annihilation of Libya and destruction of Iraq, the Russians stood up and said “enough”; they began to fight back. From the moment the Russians became involved in Syria, the war took an abrupt turn against the globalists and their paid for terrorist forces. Al Qaeda, Daesh et al supposed enemies whom the Americans and their numerous allies could not tame after five long years of war, were subdued  by the Russians in a few months. Was America really fighting the terrorists?

As a consequence of Russia’s decisive involvement, the six year war and propaganda effort waged by the United States and allied nations has failed; the war in Syria is basically over. Very few people, however, are aware of the momentous event and its consequences. The vastly publicized Syrian War (an event that was lavishly splashed across front pages of Western newspaper, magazines, periodicals, journals and web portals) has all of a sudden fallen into oblivion. President Bashar al Assad, the Syrian War, Al Qaeda were front page news items that have conspicuously faded into the past.  They have faded without mention because, as things currently stand, the United States has in fact lost the war in Syria. Behind it all, to everyone’s surprise, stand Russia and Vladimir Putin. Russia is not only being converted as foretold by the Virgin Mary, Russia is emerging as the world’s new peace broker helping to bring about the Era of Peace she promised at Fatima.

To confirm this remarkable turnaround in Russia (its conversion), Pope Francis recently signed a joint declaration with Russian Patriarch Kirill, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church. The joint-declaration reads.

“In affirming the foremost value of religious freedom, we give thanks to God for the current unprecedented renewal of the Christian faith in Russia, as well as in many other countries of Eastern Europe, formerly dominated for decades by atheist regimes. Today, the chains of militant atheism have been broken and in many places Christians can now freely confess their faith.”

Years earlier, the idea of a newly converting Russia becoming a bastion of Christianity and the defender of Christians in the Middle East (and around the globe) materialized in another meeting between President Putin and a group of religious leaders led by Metropolitan Hilarion, Chief of Foreign Relations for the Russian Orthodox Church.  The Metropolitan expressed hope that Russia’s government would stand up for persecuted Christian communities abroad.

In reply, President Putin promised

“It would be one of the tasks of Russia’s foreign policy to defend Christians in other countries who are persecuted for their faith.”

When prodded, he aded these specific words:

“You needn’t have any doubt that that’s the way it will be.”

It is clear why Neocons and liberals have has such a disdain for Vladimir Putin.  Instead of reading the signs of the times and appropriately adjusting their international agenda, American foreign policy is in disarray – nothing seems to be working for its dismayed engineers.  It seemed as if Donald Trump understood the importance of working with Russia toward world peace during his candidacy. At that time, he percipiently stated, “It’s time to put the mistakes of the past behind us and chart a new course.”

“It is now time for a new approach. Our current strategy of nation-building and regime change have been a total disaster — Instead, all we got from Iraq and our ventures in the Middle East, was death, destruction and tremendous financial loss. But it’s time to put the mistakes of the past behind us and chart a new course….If I become president, the era of nation-building will be brought to a swift close” (CNN Transcripts)

“Our new approach must be to halt the spread of radical Islam….All actions should be oriented around this goal and any country which shares this goal (presumably Russia) will be our ally. We cannot always choose our friends but we can never fail to recognize our enemies.”

Unfortunately, due to the pride of Neocons in his administration (men and women who are still attempting to make this an American Century under America’s Global dominance), unfortunately,  President Trump is not acting on his earlier insights.  Rather than Neocons crafting a Pax Americana, America has instead become the exporter of war and terrorism worldwide.  Because of its insistence on war, covert operations, and support of terrorist groups around the globe, the Project for a New American Century is defunct, very few people desire war and liberalism’s vaunted tolerance and free market finance (both under the guise of liberty) has become so aberrant that people are waking up to the challenges of liberal democracy; they don’t like it – authenticdemocracy (truly for the people) is preferable. Few people like a nation led by bullies and selfish warlords who involve its fighting men and women in action all across the globe from Nigeria, to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and beyond to the South Pacific – no place is free of the threat of American weapons.

The United States must learn to be a peacemaker, leading by diplomacy and showing the world how to beat swords into plough shares.  Instead, US military spending is more than that of all the countries in the world combined.  NATO alone spends ten times more on military than the entire Russian Federation – so who is the military aggressor, who is the war-monger? Putin recently challenged the West to publish a map of all of its bases around the world and compare them to Russian bases – such a map, he said, would more clearly show who the aggressor is:

“I invite you to publish the world map in your newspaper and to mark all the US military bases on it. You will see the difference” (Vladimir Putin)

Putin continued:

“American submarines are on permanent alert off the Norwegian coast; they are equipped with missiles that can reach Moscow in 17 minutes. But we dismantled all of our bases in Cuba a long time ago, even the non-strategic ones. And you would call us aggressive?”

“You yourself have mentioned NATO’s expansion to the east (that is toward the Russian border). As for us, we are not expanding anywhere; it is NATO infrastructure, including military infrastructure, that is moving towards our borders. Is this a manifestation of our aggression?”

“Everything we do is just a response to the threats emerging against us. Besides, what we do is limited in scope and scale, which are, however, sufficient to ensure Russia’s security. Or did someone expect Russia to disarm unilaterally?”


Looking at the maps below, it seems that Mr. Putin has a valid point, a point  that neoliberals want to ignore:


Graphic by 5W Infographics

It is not the Russians who are demonizing the West, we do a good job of that all by ourselves; it is the West that is demonizing Russia. It seems that Russia and the West have switched roles. Hopefully, under President Trump, the United States and Russia will be reconciled and cooperate to protect Christians and advance world peace – things the neoliberals and neocons fear more than anything else, consequently, Putin must be a demon.


Anyone with eyes can see who is threatening whom.  Russia is virtually surrounded except for the frigid North Pole, and even there the US has nuclear submarines than can target and hit Moscow in 17 minutes. Now, the United States is deploying 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan and President Trump is threatening more war (see below).


If we need further proof of Russia’s aggression, we need only consider how bold the Russians are: How dare they move their country so close to our military bases!  Seriously, Russia seems to be doing its part, will the United States do its? It does not appear to be doing so, at least not yet. Will it require international embarrassment to move the United States in the right direction, to move it toward its Christian roots, to take its role as a peacemaker among nations rather than a war monger?

Unfortunately, the new president is not following his campaign promise to cooperate with Russia; unfortunately, he is letting Neocons and misguided (but well intentioned) Nationalists determine his foreign policy. As a result, the United States is about to suffer a major foreign policy embarrassment in Syria (or elsewhere), which will soon be followed by others if it does not change its course of action, it it does not seek peace and global cooperation, if it does not stop spreading a defective liberal agenda worldwide.

As Newera stated as far back as (February, 2017)

“If the new president continued with the foreign policy of the Bush and Obama administrations (as he appears to be doing), if he pursued the same path as his predecessors (a path favored by Neocon War Hawks and Liberal Globalists), American Foreign Policy would continue its downward slide and America would continue suffering one foreign policy embarrassment after another while earning the ire of other nations around the globe.”

Although President Trump has piqued the world’s interests with his statement implying some type of decisive American military action in the near future, he should think twice; he would do well to carefully review America’s recent failures in Iraq and Syria as well as what is now looking to be failures in Libya and Ukraine as well. He should seriously review the (unforeseen) consequences of any further military action in a world that is growing increasingly tired of war and increasingly hungry for cooperation and peace, a world where American foreign policy initiatives are increasingly on the FAIL as is NOW most evident in Syria and with America’s long-term ally, Saudi Arabia, which is giving evidence of changing sides.


What is Happening in Syria?

The biggest authentic news coming out of Syria is that Russia, not the United States, is emerging as the regional peace keeper.  Following the fall of Aleppo in December 2016 to the Russian assisted Syrian army of Bashar al Assad, US leadership in the region has steadily declined. Vladimir Putin recently spearheaded a peace initiative hosted multiple times by the President of Kazakhstan in the Kazakh city of Astana (new era news). The meetings have resulted in a combined peace keeping force consisting of Russia, Iranian, and Turkish forces.  These combined forces are actively assisting Syrian forces against American backed terrorists disguised as “freedom fighters”, freedom fighters intent on toppling Assad and inserting a government more amenable to Saudi, American and Western economic and political interests. Since implementation of the Astana peace initiatives, American backed terrorists have been defeated in city after city and the United States has quietly and increasingly disengaged from the Syrian arena thereby leaving a political and military vacuum increasingly filled by Russians.

Not only has Russia emerged as the decisive factor in Syria, in the process Russia has also strengthened ties to Iran, China and Iraq as well as with US allies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia both who have changed their position on Assad; they have adopted the Russian position that his fate must be decided by the Syrian people and not by American or NATO desires to simpy depose him by force. Russian success and failed US policy in Syria has pushed long-standing allies into Putin’s camp partially due to the facts that Putin shoots straight, disavows the prospect of nation building and has consistently respected and abided by International Law including the recognition of the sovereign rights of every nation to decide their own futures.

“We never play a double game with anyone. It is this and not our military potential that attracts our partners.” Oct 9, 2017

Due to their relentless drive for global power, the American hegemons have unwittingly catapulted the Russians into power; they have used economic inducements, political persuasion and military power to impose their liberal economic, social, and political agenda on a war weary world contrary to the cultural values, beliefs and protestations of weaker nations – they have rode roughshod over them. They fail to see that the age of colonial imperialism is rapidly coming to an end.

At this point of history, it is Russia, not the United States, that is standing for the sovereign rights of individual nations, including the right to decide their own futures; thereby making them the champions of human rights and freedom.  This is a role America should be playing, but the liberal hegemons, in the name of tolerance, are intolerantly foisting their myopic global vision on a world increasingly tired of their liberalism. Recent events manifest this shifting of global power. Due to Russia’s involvement in Syria, the United States has de facto lost; the war is basically over.  Thus, according to the Washington Times:

“The fate of Syria in the wake of the country’s devastating six-year civil war will be dictated in Moscow, not Washington, reaffirming President Bashar Assad’s regime’s hold on power, the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations committee said Friday.”

According to the International Business Times:

“Assad’s sponsor, Russia has … emerged as the international leader in exploring a political solution to the conflict” (peace).

That this is true is no more manifest than this past week’s historic visit of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud to Moscow for a visit with President Putin, the first ever by a Saudi king. According to Putin,

“This is the first visit of the King of Saudi Arabia to Russia in the history of our relations, which in itself is a very significant event. Our relations have a fairly lengthy history.”

To underscore the importance of this meeting it helps to realize that Russia and Saudi Arabia have been hostile enemies. In the past, Salman teamed up with the United States to support the mujahideen fighting against Soviet forces in Afghanistan during the 1980s. During this time, Saudi Arabia also encouraged by the United States, increased its oil output to drive down prices thereby weakening the Soviet Union whose economy depended heavily upon energy exports. Salman has also proudly taken credit for unleashing terrorist attacks inside Russia itself. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has also supported Al Qaeda and other terrorist forces fighting Assad’s Syrian forces who are backed by Russian and Iranian militias. Russia has long been allied with Iran, Saudi Arabia’s mortal foe, in opposition to the Saudi-American axis in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has been America’s greatest ally in a life-and death struggle with Iran, Russia’s staunch ally.

Thus, Saudi Arabia has been (up to this point) bitterly opposed to Russia’s foreign policy. Nonetheless the 81 year old king, who has an aversion for travel abroad, humbled himself to make a trip to Moscow this past week indicating that Riyadh understands the dire need to secure ties with Russia.  Now, instead of supporting terrorists against Russia and Syria, Saudi Arabia will begin cooperating with Russia to defeat terrorism according to the Russian script. In short, American led Saudi efforts in Syria, and beyond, are failing. American sponsored Saudi efforts in Yemen are also failing; moreover, American insistence that oil prices remain artificially deflated in order to cripple Russia are bankrupting Saudi Arabia.  To exacerbate Saudi woes, Riyadh’s arch-nemesis, and Russian ally, Iran has gained power in the region. Iran is collaborating with US ally Iraq; they have teamed up to fight American backed forces in Syria (Iraq is now in the Iranian and Russian camp). Something similar seems to be happening with Turkey, a nation the Saudis could count on in the past to balance Iran – Turkey is now cooperating with Iran (over the issue of the Kurds) and are also turning toward Russia and away from NATO. In short, the Saudis are in a panic and realize the need to turn toward Russia, even if it means earning the ire of the United States.

Thus, King Salman has significantly altered his  position on the fate of Bashar al Assad; he has dropped the American position and adopted the Russian, viz., Assad will remain in power and it is up the Syrian people themselves to decide who their next president will be. More specifically, he has adopted the Russian brokered Astana Accord in conjunction with that of the UN Security Council. Leonid Savin, an analyst with the Center for Geopolitical Expert Studies, summed up the diplomatic situation very well:

“Saudi Arabia cannot fail to see the changes that embrace the Middle East and the whole world – a change in the geopolitical conjuncture and behavior of the United States on the world stage.”

Saudi Arabia like Russia, would like to raise the price of oil per barrel. The two are NOW working together and are likely to affect such a change.  Saudi Arabia would also like Russia to distance itself from Iran; this they will not get.  Although the United States will likely remain a vital partner with Saudi Arabia, the Saudis have opened an historic door for broader cooperation, cooperation that is a step in the right direction for peace in the Middle East, although significant steps still remain. Russia seems to be doing its part, will the United States do its? It does not appear to be doing so, at least not yet. Will it take international embarrassment to move the country in the right direction, to move it toward its Christian roots, to take its role as a peacemaker among nations rather than a war monger?  Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis.