Satan has a terrible fear of Our Lady and of prayer. He is a loser and will never win !! Our Lady of Medjugorje Warns Against the “Evil One”

Vatican Exorcist Speaks Out:

If we read again the abundant steps in which Our Lady in Medjugorje warns us against Satan, we realize that the remedies are also indicated to overcome it.


These are the remedies that we find punctually in the Word of God: there is everything. Let us begin by recalling that the action of the evil one (this is the term preferred by the New Testament to indicate the demons) has two aspects: there is an ordinary action to which we are all subjected.

Even Jesus, wanting to be in all similar to us, except in sin, has accepted to undergo the ordinary action of the devil, that is, the temptations.

How to win then? Jesus himself shows us the two indispensable means: “Watch and pray not to fall into temptation” (Matthew 26.41). In all her messages, the Queen of Peace encourages us to pray; and continually warns us against the evil, the temptations of the world, the weaknesses of our wounded nature. A specific study on this subject would be useful.

There is also an extraordinary action of the devil. Besides the aggravation of temptations, the evil one has powers, by divine permission, such as to cause particular torments.

I usually list them in five forms:
1.external torments,
5. infestation. 

We’ll talk about it in more detail next time. Here I would like to point out how Our Lady does not insist so much on these single forms, but rather on the means we have to defeat Satan. Prayer and vigilance are sometimes not enough; the Lord asks us more. He asks us for fasting and above all for the exercise of virtues, especially humility and charity.

These two virtues, typically Christian, disconcert Satan, completely displace him. Evil is all pride, rebellion against God, arrogance. And there is no doubt that pride is the strongest of vices, so much so that in the Psalms (18) it is called “the great sin”. Faced with a humble soul, the demon can do nothing.

Notice that humility has two complementary aspects: feeling nothing, because we are aware of our weakness; trust in God, who loves us and from whom every good comes to us. The demon knows very well these things and attacks us either with the complacency of ourselves or with every form of discouragement.

Charity is then the queen of virtues and has many aspects: giving, giving oneself, being meek and understanding … and it is incomprehensible to the devil, who is all hate.

But there is a particular aspect of charity that is truly heroic (it is perhaps the most difficult precept of the gospel) and that has a very particular force against the assaults of the devil, as well as against the particular victories that Satan may have obtained on us: forgive from heart and love the enemies (ie those from whom we have had evil and who perhaps continue to make do).

It often happened to me to exorcise people possessed by the devil or affected by minor malefic disturbances; and I noticed that my exorcisms had no effect.

So I tried to identify, with the help of the person affected, if there was any cause that prevented the action of grace. I have always begun with charity in these two particular forms: I questioned to know if in the soul of that person there was hatred, or even rancor; if that “forgiveness of heart” was missing that Jesus demands to grant us his forgiveness.

And I questioned about love: if there were any people who were not genuinely loved. Together they sought among the closest relatives, among friends, among their colleagues, among the living and even among the dead.

And almost always I found some shortcomings and I said clearly that it was useless to continue with my exorcisms if that obstacle was not removed. I

have seen cases of heartfelt forgiveness, heroic reconciliations, prayers and discharged celebration in favor of people from whom one continued to receive evil. Removed the obstacle, God’s grace descended with abundance.

Let it be clear that we can free ourselves from satan even with the Word of God, prayers, sacraments, forgiveness, sincere love: without exorcism. But exorcisms have no effect if these exercises are missing.