Signs: Our Lady’s Triumphant Heart is the Hope of the World, Pray, Pray Pray

Please Mary mother of God please pray for all of us. We pray for peace and stability in these dark times. Oh Mother of God I know your heart must be breaking at this time with all the issues and no peace. We pray for peace, for the evil to leave, so that mankind can see the damage to all. Please hear our prayers our most gracious mother at our time in need. Amen


O Mother mine, Mother of goodness, love, and mercy, I love you infinitely and I offer myself to you. By means of your goodness, your love and your grace, save me. I desire to be yours.

I love you infinitely, and I want you to protect me. From the depth of my heart please, Mother of Goodness, give me your goodness. Let me gain heaven by means of it I pray you, by your infinite love, to give me the grace so that I may love every person, as you have loved Jesus Christ.

I pray you to give me the grace to be merciful towards you. I offer myself to you completely and desire that you follow my every step. Because you are full of grace, I desire that I will never forget this. And if, by chance, I should lose grace, I pray you to restore it to me once more. Amen.