The little-known story told by Saint Bosco: Our Lady from Heaven asks us to recite the “Hail Mary” at the moment of consecration of the host. There is a great reward if this is done.

Source Papaboys 2.o translated from Italian

On February 4, 1861, Don Bosco went to preach the Spiritual Exercises in the Seminary of Bergamo and he said a very particular comment to those present: ” On a certain occasion I was able to ask Mary Most Holy for the grace of bringing thousands and thousands of souls with me in Heaven and Our Lady made me a promise. If you wish for that number, I am happy, provided that every day, throughout your life, you recite a Hail Mary , possibly during the time you are listening to Holy Mass, indeed at the moment of the Consecration. 

The proposal was welcomed with joy, because the holiness of Don Bosco and the relationship he had with the supernatural was already known.

A certain Stefano Scaini, then a cleric in the seminary at Bergamo and then a Jesuit priest, did not forget Don Bosco  asking him to recite the Hail Mary everyday especially at the moment of consecration of the hos. This of course had been suggested by Our Lady herself  to her Servant.

Don Bosco and the Ave Maria to go to Heaven
Don Bosco and the Ave Maria to go to Heaven

On January 3, 1832, Scaini went to see Don Bosco in Turin and said to him:

“If you allow me, I would like to ask you for clarification on one thing, which is very close to my heart. Do you remember when you came to preach the Exercises in the Bergamo Seminary? “

– Yes!

“Do you remember having told us about a grace asked of Our Lady, that is, the Hail Mary to be recited during the Consecration?”

– I remember well!

“I have always recited that Ave Maria and I will always recite it!”

Then Don Bosco replied with great certainty:

– Continue to say that Hail Mary and we will find ourselves together in Heaven!