The Tipping Point : Fatima Priest says End Times will involve Russia and Ukraine before the Victory of Our Lady

Russia has continued its military build-up along the border with Ukraine since U.S. President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held a two-hour video conference earlier this month. 


Despite Biden’s stern warning that Russia would pay a “terrible price” in the event it invades Ukraine, the forward-deployment of hundreds of Russian tanks, howitzers, self-propelled artillery and tens of thousands of troops has not been reversed.


Russia is ‘one step away’ from war with Ukraine, a report on state TV has warned.


As this apocalyptic scenario develops along the Ukraine border it is startling to read  that Author and Vatican insider Father Malachi Martin said the prophecy of Fatima’s  3rd of secret would involve Ukraine and Russia.


Importantly, Father Martin claims  to be one of a handful of people to have read the 3rd secret.  The Vatican insider, who died in 1999, had some extraordinary things to say about the Fatima prophecies which now seem to be unfolding before our eyes.




Fr. Malachi Martin vowed to the Church not to disclose  the full contents of the secrets but says  that Russia and Ukraine were the key. This revelation is astonishing given the rising tensions in that region.


The priest says: “Sister Lucia’s single-page letter of the “Third Secret” covers three topics.


  1. A Physical chastisement of nations
  2. A spiritual chastisement


  1. The central function of Russia in the two which in fact, the physical and spiritual chastisements are to be girded on a fateful timetable in which Russia is the ratchet.


In 1996, Father  Malachi Martin told radio host Art Bell that:  “The Salvation for the world will start in Russia” and  that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary would begin with Russia.

He said” Russia´s role in the Vision of Fatima is very important because if we´re to believe the Vision of Fatima, salvation for the world, the cure for the world ills, will start in the Ukraine and in Russia, and that was why the Virgin in the Fatima vision of 1917 was supposed to have spoken actively about Russia.”


Russia first of all has to be cured of her errors and then she will help the entire world to get better and to cure itself of its sins. 


It’s a very bizarre message in that sense because one would have said that salvation was going to come from the West as we always think because we are Westerners, but no, according to the message of Fatima, salvation will come from the East, and particularly, from Ukraine and from the State of Russia itself, which is extraordinary.