Three Signs of God on Earth that Science Has No Answer .. # 3 Will Surprise You

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Wonderful picture, wonderful stairs and always amazing – Christ’s canvas – there are wonders to which science has no answer!

The mystics in Christianity really have a lot, as documented, as recognized by the Catholic Church, as personal testimonies. God’s miracles can be witnessed every day if we want to see the truth.

If we do not want to see the truth about the Living God today, then we live in a limited world, sad and self-defeated only to the human and the pernicious. One of the greatest God miracles that even defends to teach at the faculties is the creation of everything created, from the planet, the nature of the plant and animal world to the creation of a man who science, though greatly advanced, will never be fully able to reach.

But besides, God has left us some signs on Earth for which science also has no solution except that – “this is not done with the human hand”.

The picture was not painted with a human hand

The wonderful picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe for which science has concluded that it is not painted with human hands is one of the greatest signs of God on earth.

The story of how the picture was created is even more wonderful. Namely, the devotion of Our Lady of Guadalupe originates from the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to the native of John Diegu – Cuauhtlatoatzin on Mount Tepeyac, north of Mexico City from 9 to 12 December 1531. He spoke to him four times in his native Arabic language and asked for the church to be built in this place to honor her.

In the source of Nico Mopohua, it is written that Ms. Juan Diegu said the following: “Know my least son, that I am ever a virgin, the sorrowful Mary, the mother of the most distinguished and single God, in whom all who are creators of life and men master heaven and earth.

I want to build my little holy home in this place, a church where I will show compassion, help and protection in a visible way. For I am truly your merciful mother: yours, all those who keep this earth together, and all those who love me, invoke, address, and rely on me completely. Here I will listen to your weeping and tears. You will be in my heart and I will take care to help you with all your many worries, sufferings and ills. ”

This is what Juan Diego has revealed to the first Mexican bishop of the Franciscan Juan de Zumarragi, who was reluctant at the meeting. After seeing the visitor returning home, the same day and in the same place, the Virgin Mary pointed to her for the second time, who had commanded him to ask the bishop again tomorrow. On Sunday, December 10, 1531, John Diego bishop re-transmits the wish of Our Lady, which then seeks some proof to convince the credibility of the apparition.

On returning home, John returns to the Lady who promises to give the bishop a sign he is looking for. Because of the wounding of the disease on Monday, December 11, 1531, he remains at home. The next day, on Tuesday, December 12, 1531, he urgently goes to look for a confessor for the dying beast, and his way is again shown to the Lady.

He assures him that the unrest on that occasion will not die and send him to the original place of the apparition where the bishop expects him to wait for him.

On the rugged half-timbered hill in the winter, he saw beautiful rose-red flowers that the bishop and all the Spaniards should serve as an obvious proof of the truth of the miracles. Ivan Diego takes them and puts them in the tilma (blanket, robe) and goes out again to the bishop.

When he opened his tilma in front of the bishop, he saw the Lady’s image on the cloak. The same picture that today boasts one of the most visited Catholic sanctuaries in the world and precisely for that picture on his cloak of the scientists said that it could not originate from anything available on Earth! In other words, this image was created from divine materials unavailable to people.

After returning home, Ivan Diego found a perfectly healthy jaw Juan Bernardina, who confirmed to him that the Lady had also been reminded of her, and that her name, which she will be grateful in her painting, is always her Virgin Mary Guadalupe.

The fruits of this apparition are the cessation of Astala’s ritual sacrifice, but also the conversion of millions of Catholics!

Turin canvas

For years, the scientists of lome spears about a well-known canvas, nearly five feet long, with the contours of tall man’s long hair and chin, and bloody stains on the parts where wrists, wrists, and ankles were worn, places that fit the wounds of Jesus.

It was proven that the canvas dates back to the time of Jesus Christ, but whenever scientists think they know something, they fall short of knowing anything … Turin canvas, one of the most beautiful views of the Catholic faith, is authentic – the scientists agreed. But that authenticity of the Turin cannabis confuses scientists, for that is the moment in which science stops and begins to believe, because even though the canvas is authentic, scientists have not yet reached agreement on how it was at all and who is man on the Turin canvas! It is a time when science has no answers before God and scientists admit it.

“Our goal is to make it known that there is a canvas that is a big question from the scientific point of view. It is an object before which science needs to confidently acknowledge its boundaries. It is practically impossible, and I do not believe it will ever be possible, to reach the final answer whether the trace of man in Torinor can be traced to Jesus of Nazareth.

But it must be acknowledged that the signs we see on the canvas, especially from the standpoint of forensic medicine, the exact description of what is described in the Gospel, refers to the last hours of Jesus’ life – the last commented on the canvas of these words by prof. Paolo di Lazzaro, physicist and director of the Italian National Agency for Research on New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Growth (ENEA).

The Miraculous Stairway of Saint Joseph

This marvelous staircase is 130 years old and attracts up to 250,000 visitors annually. For the first you will think that this is an ordinary chapel with ordinary stairs, but the story is quite unusual. This chapel was built at the end of the 19th century.

When the chapel was completed, the honorable sisters noticed that they lacked the steps for the gallery. They decided to pray the nunnery to St. Joseph and have asked him to help them build the stairs because St. Joseph was a carpenter by profession. They spent nine days in prayer, and the last day at their door knocked a complete alien who said the carpenter was going to build the stairs. I completely, without any human help, this mysterious man built up the beautiful stairs with the perfect craftsmanship.

But it’s not just that. These stairs are the same, without the central and supporting pillars, and the carpenter did not use any single nail, even glue, and nobody knows how to build such a thing. For this job, this man did not pay. The sisters, seeing the stairs, knew that it was the miracle of St. Joseph, whom Jesus sent to the chapel to solve the problem of nuns.

Since then, the stairs are known in the world as wondrous and have become a place of admiration and pilgrimage. The Chapel Loretto is hiding three mysteries; till nowadays it has not been found who built the stairs! All engineers, scientists, architects, and others admitted that it was a miracle, because they could not understand the staircase was possible for itself without any support. Also, it is not known where the tree from which it was made comes from, because after the investigation it was found that such wood is not present in the vicinity! Perhaps interesting is the fact that the marvelous stairs count exactly 33 stairs, that is, the number of Jesus’ years!

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