Viral Miracle Photo – A pix, rosary, and a prayer survive devastating car fire – Eucharistic Minister wonders if God was communicating a message.

Source Catholic News Agency Spain

Viral photos of a devastating car fire containing a Eucharistic pix, Sacred Heart of Jesus prayer, and a rosary re-surfaced on social media.

María Emília da Silveira Castaldi of Brazil left a pix, prayer, and rosary in her car after administering the Holy Eucharist as an Extraordinary Minister. She went to her car, seeing it on fire. She said everything burned except the items around the pix.

Castaldi said her “car was placed on the street. I wanted to open it to get everything out, but they wouldn’t let me because it could burn me.”

However, Castaldi already purified the pix before the fire and it did not contain a Eucharistic host. She said she believes that if this “served as a testimony of faith for at least one person, then it was worth it.”

In fact, the whole car was burned, a robe, the liturgy book, the corporal. The pot holder, the rosary and a prayer that we pray every first Friday of the month at the Mass of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Cathedral of Franca remained intact. This brochure was not burned by fire or wet with water from the firefighters, ”the woman explained to ACI Digital.

María Emilia also said that in her opinion, “if this fact served as a testimony of faith for at least one person, then it was worth it”.

After what happened, María Emília spoke with the Bishop of Franca, Msgr. Paulo Roberto Beloto, “who listened to me with interest, great charity, docility and kindness.”

According to the Pastoral of Communication of the Diocese of Franca, the Bishop said that “we cannot deny that God can communicate something to us through the facts of life, but they are particular experiences that we respect”, but “we cannot measure our faith, our experience of God and of the Church through events like this ”.

“What God has to communicate to us concretely, about his truth and his will, is present in the Sacred Scriptures, in the Revelation of Our Lord Jesus Christ and in the Magisterium of the Church. This is our security and the path we must follow ”, said the prelate.