“A sign from heaven in Medjugorje allowed my conversion.” Impressive Evidence !! Pilgrim asks the Virgin of Medjugorje for a sign – Appearance the captured in Photo (Video)


Translated from Spanish by Google Translate

A sign from heaven in medjugorje allowed my conversion. The virgin appeared to me in the sky I captured her by a miraculous photo.

In June 2011 I went to Medjugorje with my sister Katty who was the most excited. I Josep thought about walking, looking at girls and taking photos but something happened that day.

My sister was very happy and I wanted to feel the same. I asked the virgin to give me a sign and it was when we were about to go to mass to take a photo of a little ball heading towards the sun, it was a moment of great emotion, I kept looking at her and saw that the image of the virgin was formed from Medjugorje.

“Those who touch Heaven”