This young woman from Madrid who is participating in WYD claims to have recovered her sight after receiving Communion at the Sanctuary of Fátima where the Pope presided over the prayer of the Holy Rosary

This young woman from Madrid has recovered her vision this morning in Fatima. This is how she has told us in the COPE microphones . At 16 years old, she has suffered a loss of vision due to a myopia problem for more than two years, until only 5% was left. “She couldn’t use her mobile, all through audio”, she explained to us excitedly.

After all this time without being able to recover, they decided to pray a novena to the Virgen de las Nieves, whose festival is celebrated on August 5. “We have been praying for this for a long time and as it coincided with WYD, we asked all the young people to ask for my healing and today after receiving Communion… I see perfectly. I do not know how to explain it to you”. The Eucharist was celebrated after the Rosary of Pope Francis in Fatima, who, after entering the Chapel of Apparitions, venerated the image of the Virgin Mary of Fatima and stopped praying before her for a few moments in silence

“I have opened my eyes and I see”

The young woman, with her friends, participated in the Eucharist and after Communion… “I have opened my eyes and I see”. “In the communion line I was very nervous, and when I sat on the bench I started to cry, I didn’t want to open my eyes… I was moved and when I opened them, I saw, I saw everything super clear. I saw the altar, the tabernacle, I had a friend by my side who I could see perfectly”. Precisely, that friend, who has accompanied him throughout this WYD helping him, guiding him, accompanying him… has been the first to witness “his gaze”. “I have realized until a lot has changed and we have started to cry.”