“All or Nothing” The inspirational story of Sr. Clare Crockett’s short but beautiful life. “This movie is touched by the spirit of God…A very personal and spiritual experience of the Divine.” Br. Daniel Maria Klimek

All or Nothing: See This Life-Transforming Movie

By Br. Daniel Maria Klimek

I don’t think a film has ever touched me as powerfully as “All or Nothing,” a life-transforming movie about Clare Crockett, a vibrant, joyful, and passionate girl from Ireland who, in her adolescence was wrapped up in partying, alcohol, and a budding career as a television/film actress, but eventually (after a number of powerful experiences with Jesus Christ) she became a Catholic sister, leaving it all behind to follow the Lord.

“All or nothing” was a motto that Sr. Clare lived by, being a person with a strong will, a radical, life-giving personality that can connect with anyone and that is all in. She had a deep love for the Eucharist, spending countless hours alone with Jesus; she had a deep love for Our Lady, introducing the youth to the Rosary; she had a deep love for young people and everyone that she encountered, realizing that her vocation as a spouse of Christ is a vocation to love, to serve without reservations. 

Sr. Clare was a very talented individual, as a musician, as a singer, as an actress, as a speaker. She died tragically in an earthquake in Ecuador at the age of 33. One of the sisters explained that Sr. Clare knew she would die young, perhaps at age 33, “like Jesus,” Sr. Clare told her. 

There is a very special anointing on this movie, it is touched by the Spirit of God in a deep way. After I saw it, I had to watch it again. I did a few times, and then something happened. During one of the last times that I watched the movie, I had a supernatural experience of God during the film. It was something that I never experienced before. The Holy Spirit filled the room in a manner that was palpable, and I realized that I wasn’t able to get up from my seat, my body becoming immobile in the midst of the presence of God. 

It was similar perhaps to what some people experience when they get “slain in the Spirit,” the body at times becoming immobile as the person becomes enwrapped in the Spirit of God. I share this not to draw attention to myself, or to portray myself as some kind of a “mystic” – which I’m not – I am simply sharing this to emphasize how powerful this movie and the story of Sr. Clare Crockett is, that a viewing can facilitate (as it did for me) a very personal and spiritual experience of the Divine.

Young people need to see this movie. It is perhaps the greatest expression of what a life completely given over to Jesus Christ, in deep intimacy with Him, can look like. Sr. Clare was joyful and vibrant, full of energy and in love with the Lord. She brought many to Christ, and continues to do so after her death, her life becoming a testament of, what Pope Francis called, the Joy of the Gospel. 

See this film. Share it with others, especially those in need of hope and faith, and allow the transformative power of God to work wonders through it.