Anne Catherine Emmerich’s prophecy of two Popes and the Antichrist – Our Lady reveals signs of the end-times “I personally think the secrets of Medjugorje will begin by the 40th anniversary”

Anne Catherine Emmerich is revered as one of the greatest mystics of the Catholic Church. I have taken some writings of the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich and made this video regarding the signs of the end times.

She specifically prophesied about the 2 popes. It is only now in our time that the prophecy of the two popes have come true. Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI. We now stay vigilant for the signs of the end times, the division of the Catholic church, the persecution and oppression of the catholic church and the rise of the AntiChrist.

Upon studying the Messages of Anne Catherine Emmerich, it is clear to fit them alongside the messages of Our Lady. I find much of what Anne Catherine Emmerich write to be in line with the Messages of Our Lady of Fatima, Garabandal, Akita apparitions, Our Lady of All nations and Medjugorje. We have had the prophecies of the 3 popes of Garabandal, we are in the new era and look whats happening.

Our Lady has ended the monthly messages to the visionary Marjiana in Medjugorje as we count down the final year to the 40th anniversary of Medjugorje. Marjiana is to reveal the secrets of medjugorje. I personally think the secrets of Medjugorje will begin by the 40th anniversary of Medjugorje.

It is a number in the holy bible signifying trial and purification and that is why the Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared in Medjugorje for so long. What Anne Catherine Emmerich writes, It is easy to see we are in these times and that Our Lady is bringing the fight to the Antichrist.

We have closed churches during a pandemic, the churches are being undermined, cast aside and are financially struggling. The Antichrist must be enjoying this. The enemies of the church must see this as a win for them. The messages of Akita speak of great division in the Catholic church, especially between Bishops and Cardinals a great apostasy.

Padre Pio warned us to be aware of all Bishops when advising of the third secret of Fatima. Everything Anne Catherine Emmerich writes about these end times with the two popes, the destruction of the Vatican and the Pope fleeing Rome, are all linked with the Main Marian apparitions and Messages and Secrets of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

But we have no need to fear, she has already won the Victory for the glory of God.…

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