Arthur P. Boyle’s Miracle on Cross Mountian…A Chance Meeting with Vicka Saves His Life

Medjugorie: praying with Vicka healed Arthur P. Boyle from a serious  tumor.  This is the testimony of what happened on Mount Krizevac to the terminally ill patient.

Arthur P. Boyle and his wife Judy had a very large family. They frequented and supported the parish, but they led a rather lukewarm life in faith. Then, Arthur fell ill. The diagnosis was terrible: a kidney tumor that left him little time.

Medjugorje: the diagnosis and entrustment to the Lord and to Mary

After the doctors had told him only a few months of life, the Boyle family began to ask the Lord for help. All of them, along with many friends and a charismatic priest, prayed, while Arthur’s situation worsened. He himself will tell: “For the first time in my life I prayed with my heart. I let myself go completely and I gave all my grief to God. And at that moment I had the sensation of being struck “.

“There was also a prayer vigil for me, which lasted all night, I realized that something wonderful was happening and that with God’s help I could have defeated cancer”. Arthur underwent a surgical operation that removed all the cancer , but eight months later he reappeared.
“Why would he have to help me again?”, Wondered Arthur, while a new operation had been scheduled for September 14th .

Then to Medjugorje

At that time, a family friend came to know about Medjugorje and Arthur decided to go there, ten days before the intervention.
In Medjugorje, Arthur and his friends (it was 2000) realized everything that had happened there, since 1981. Arthur had not confessed for 15 years and in Medjugorje he decided to take that step, obtaining already a small change in his heart.
Then, in a shop in the area, he met the seer Vicka by chance, who, just that day, had lost a plane to Rome, and began to pray together.

Arthur walked the Way of the Cross on Mount Krizevac : “I knelt in the mud at the foot of the cross … I cried desperately and begged Heavenly Father to have mercy on me”, “we were overwhelmed by a feeling of peace”.
It was the eve of the feast of the Nativity of Mary : “I was really convinced that I was healed”. On September 12th, the feast of the Name of Mary, the clinical tests revealed that the tumor “had disappeared completely”.
Arthur’s oncologist, despite the evidence, remained skeptical, convinced that the tumor would reoccur. Instead, 18 years later, Arthur is fine!

Antonella Sanicanti