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Good morning Father Livio

 I wanted to thank you because the other evening I heard what you said on Radio Maria (in the replay after 7pm) about the international situation and its connection with Medjugorje and I was very positively struck. I agree with you not on every single statement, but on the substance: 1) Medjugorje is true, 2) it has a historical and not merely devotional value, and 3) the 10 secrets are connected to the current historical juncture in which the pieces of the “piecemeal third world war” (Pope Francis) are coming together and the situation is heading towards a worsening. And in this Russia, already remembered in Fatima, has a (mysterious, but decisive) part.

However, what I would disagree with (but I’m not sure I understood correctly) would be if you meant the “triumph of the immaculate heart” of the Mother of God in a millenarian sense. That is, as if the 10 secrets, due to their spectacular evidence, pushed millions and perhaps billions of people to convert to Christianity, if not all immediately, at least in a very short time. And subsequently we would enjoy a time of peace and conversion to God. 

What perplexes me is that imagining such a scenario, unless we are close to the end of the world, would imply a “change of method” on the part of the creator Mystery. Who has always addressed the freedom of individual people, and has patiently waited for everyone’s time to mature. In the life of Christ this is clear: he did not want to impose himself with spectacular signs that would force people to believe, but, despite making very strong signs, he staked everything on the freedom of his interlocutors. Christianity developed as a small seed, which grew slowly, by testimony from person to person.

Well, I don’t know if I’m opening an open door, but it seemed fraternal to me to share these thoughts with her.

Thank you!

Dear friend,

You said some interesting things that deserve further exploration.

 However, there have been divine interventions in history that have shaken peoples and brought them to Christianity. This can be seen in the conversion of the Germanic and Slavic populations who occupied much of Europe in the decline of the Roman Empire. It is happening in the post-war period in African populations.

A significant biblical example is the thousands of people who converted to Peter’s preaching on the occasion of Pentecost.

Mary’s presence and her saving intervention in the time of secrets will shake the world. The fruits will be visible. But the choices will be personal.

In fact, in the three days preceding the events everyone will have to decide whether to believe or not and with their choice they will decide their destiny.

We have entered a phase in the history of salvation in which a global option to reject Christ as Lord and Savior is maturing.

Christianity is either rejected by those who have known it or is persecuted by those who now could and should know it. Only a minority, however substantial, adheres to the salvation that comes from Heaven.

Our Lady, who sees hearts, gave the verdict: “Modern man does not want God and is heading towards perdition”.

In this dramatic moment, in which “humanity has chosen for death”, Divine Mercy, through the Virgin Mary, offers the possibility of a final choice.

It is the time of secrets, in which everyone will have to decide whether to believe in Christ and rely on Him, or remain a slave to the devil and fall with him into the hopeless abyss.

Humanity as a whole, and each person personally, will have to make a decision on which their eternal destiny depends.

A historical passage like this is unique and it is admirable how Providence offers the world “that does not want God” a last and definitive possibility of salvation.

In the time of secrets all this will be clear in every part of the world, because current humanity is capable of knowing and deciding as a whole.

We do not know what the number of those saved will be in the end, but much will depend on us, on our spiritual preparation, on our faith and on our courage.

We are immensely comforted by the promise of the Madonna, who will be present with daily apparitions and messages throughout this extraordinary period of time whose vestibule we have already entered.

 Ave Maria

Father Livio