Major Hollywood producer involved with movie about Medjugorje

Famed Hollywood producer, Lucas Foster has an incredible body of work to his name, including Ford vs. Ferrari, Man on Fire, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Dangerous Minds, Law Abiding Citizen, Enemy of the State, and many others.  So, by his own admission, when he was asked to help make a movie about Medjugorje – a place he had never heard of before and knew nothing about – he was more shocked than anyone that he instinctually said yes.

The idea for this movie was born in the heart of Hollywood veteran producer/director, Jennifer Tadlock, who wanted to thank Our Lady for all the beautiful graces her family received during her daughter’s cancer battle and subsequent healing. Combining her Catholic faith with the Hollywood movie industry seemed like the perfect fit.  Her way of showing gratitude to Our Lady would be to make a movie about Medjugorje.

A providential “chance” encounter at Sunday Mass with Hollywood producer Holly Carney, Executive Producer of the movie Fatima, opened the doors for the partnership Jennifer had been waiting for.  Since neither of them had been to Medjugorje before, the first step was to go there and experience it themselves.  Holly insisted she would only make this movie if they had the support and cooperation of the Medjugorje church officials, just as she had with Fatima.

A small group of five, led by Medjugorje pilgrimage organizer and speaker, Ann Vucic (now the Consultant for the Medjugorje Movie Project) went to Medjugorje in September 2022 with plans to meet with all the relevant church officials.  By the end of the trip, the movie project had the full support of Apostolic Visitor to Medjugorje, Archbishop Aldo Cavalli; Pastor of Medjugorje, Fr. Zvonimir Pavicic; Provincial Minister of the Franciscan Order, Fr. Jozo Grbes, and original pastor of St. James, Fr. Jozo Zovko.  The culmination of the trip came when Fr. Jozo Zovko said to the little group, “Our Lady has been waiting for you to make this movie.”

Upon returning home from Medjugorje, Holly asked her producing partner Lucas Foster, if he would help with this movie, and he immediately agreed, which was unusual for him.  And thus, this movie became a Lucas Foster production.

Since Lucas knew nothing about Medjugorje, he had a steep learning curve, which included traveling to Medjugorje so he could better understand and experience it himself.  Before he went there (in May 2023), Holly mentioned to him that “50 million people have visited Medjugorje.”  He looked at her with shock and confusion and asked, “why have 50 million people gone there?” However, after Lucas went there himself and experienced the beauty and power of Medjugorje directly, he asked a different question. At the end of the trip, he said, “why have ONLY 50 million people travelled to Medjugorje? This movie is going to change that.”

So, what will this movie be about…? With the many wonderful documentaries and books already available about Medjugorje, it was decided that this movie would not be another retelling of the story of the apparitions.  Instead, the focus of the movie will be the fruits of Medjugorje. The movie will address and depict two critical questions: what happens to people when they go to Medjugorje; and how does that experience change their lives and the lives of the people they encounter after that.

Millions the world over have a great love for Medjugorje, and while the goal of this movie is to reach all of them, the greater goal of this movie is something even bigger than that. There are multitudes in the world who have no interest in a place like Medjugorje, but who may be willing to watch a global Lucas Foster movie. With that goal in mind, this movie will be a combination of spirituality, action, adventure, drama, and even some comedy. As for the actual story line about how that will be done … that is being kept under wraps, for now.  With Lucas’ track record of making critically acclaimed and financially successful global films, this movie is assured to reach a global audience with the powerful, life-changing message of Medjugorje.

As for the specific of where the production is at this point, the script should be ready in the next 12 months, and hopefully, filming will commence shortly thereafter. The expectation is that the movie will be in theaters in late 2025 or 2026.

The production team wants to make an appeal to lovers of Medjugorje the world over.  Just as The Chosen was funded entirely by private investments and donations, that is the plan with this movie as well.  In order to prevent “Hollywood” from distorting the authentic message of Medjugorje, we are not seeking money from typical Hollywood sources.  This means we are raising the funds ourselves.  While we have already received significant funds, in the form of investments, gifts/contributions, and donations (which are tax deductible), we need to raise more.  Please consider joining us with your financial assistance to help bring this movie to the big screen.  The sooner we raise the money, the quicker this movie will be made for Our Lady.

We firmly believe Fr. Jozo Zovko’s words when he said to us, “Our Lady has been waiting for you to make this movie”, and we have felt her guiding hand during this entire journey.  We have placed this film under the protective mantle of Our Lady and trust she will continue guiding every step as we move forward. Above all else, we ask for prayer support for this projectand all involved, so that God may be glorified in all we do.

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