Marija’s phone call about the possible use of nuclear weapons during the time of secrets

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Message from the Queen of Peace, March 25, 2022:
«Dear children! I hear your cry and prayers for peace. For years Satan has been fighting for war. Therefore God sent me among you to guide you on the path of holiness, because humanity is at the crossroads. I invite you: return to God and to God’s Commandments to feel good on Earth and to get out of this crisis you have entered because you do not listen to God who loves you and wants to save you and guide you towards new life. Thank you for answering my call.”

Father Livio: Marija, do you think there is a danger of a nuclear world war? Is this period real or is it just a way the devil uses to scare?

Marija: I don’t want to go into detail about the Secrets, but Father Livio, did you feel me nervous? No! We are not agitated because we believe that the Madonna is with us, we believe that the Madonna, as she herself says, listens to our cry and our prayers. I believe that Our Lady is with us, God has allowed her, as she has said countless times, to be among us to help us. I believe that the forty years of the Madonna’s presence among us are precisely this. Humanity is at the crossroads, Our Lady is with us, she is on our side. Satan is strong, Our Lady said it in several messages. Satan is unleashed, you said so at the opening of this new millennium. We know that evil exists and many times it uses us through our selfishness and our arrogance; many times we also do harm because we don’t have that sensitivity, that love of God that is within us. We live with the humanity of a rebellious man, without listening to God’s Commandments. Our Lady, precisely for this reason, with her sweetness and her constancy, guides us to tell us that God is with us and we must not be afraid.

Father Livio: In a message from a few months ago, Our Lady said that Satan wants to fill our hearts with fear for the future, but the future belongs to God. One of Satan’s tactics is to terrify us, when instead we must know that the presence of the Madonna and our response to her call allows us to live well on Earth.

Marija: This is why Our Lady tells us “I invite you: return to God and to God’s Commandments to feel good on Earth”. We are here on Earth but our destination is Heaven. We have the example of Lazarus who was a friend of Jesus, who when he entered the tomb his sisters told him that he stank, as if to say that he was already decomposing. Instead, Jesus came in and resurrected him. Lazarus then died again after a few years. So we too, must think that our life on Earth is beautiful, let us be guided by God, by his Commandments, live holiness, try to transmit our faith with our life, with our example and with our love. Why are we in love with the Madonna? Because the Madonna is the reflection of God, and God is love. For this reason I believe that we too must become that reflection of God and that love that Our Lady shares and is experiencing with us. For this reason, at this crossroads in our lives, we know that our goal is Paradise but at the same time, our commitment and our work must not be consumption and selfish materialism. Our Lady says to put God in place of the self. When we begin to find this harmony and peace between the self and God, then our heart is filled with joy. We have seen many times people arrive in Medjugorje with big cars, with wealth but there is no joy inside them. When you find God, when you find Our Lady, then you experience Heaven in your heart. And no one can take this away from you.