The 4 ‘angels of Advent’. The most beautiful story that everyone should know, Let’s read it today, December 1, 2019 The Red Angel, The Blue Angel, The White Angel, and the Purple Angel

The Advent angels are four, just like the four weeks they prepare for Christmas. They come to visit on Earth, wearing clothes of a different color, each of which represents a particular quality.


– The blue angel.

During the first week a great angel descends from heaven to invite men to get ready for Christmas. He is dressed in a large blue cloak, woven with silence and peace. The blue of his cloak represents silence and recollection.

– The red angel.

During the second week, an angel with a red cloak comes down from the sky, carrying an empty basket with his left hand. The basket is woven of sunbeams and can only contain what is light and delicate. The red angel passes over all the houses and looks, looks into the hearts of all men, to see if he finds a little love … If he finds it, he takes it and puts it in the basket and takes it up, to heaven. And up there, the souls of all those who are buried on Earth and all the angels take this love and shed light on it for the stars. The red of his coat represents love.


– The white angel.

In the third week a bright white angel descends to earth. He holds a ray of sunshine in his right hand. He goes to the men who keep love in their hearts and touches them with his ray of light. They feel happy because in the cold and dark winter, they are illuminated and enlightened.
The sun shines in their eyes, wraps their hands, their feet and their whole body. Even the poorest and the humble are so transformed and resemble the angels, because they have love in their hearts. Only those who have love in their hearts can see the white angel … White represents the symbol of light and shines in the heart of those who believe.

– The purple angel.

In the fourth and last week of Advent, an angel with a purple cloak appears in the sky.
The purple angel passes over the Earth holding a golden zither with the left arm. There is little to come of the Lord. The purple color is formed by the union of blue and red, therefore its coat represents the true love, the deep one, which is born when one is in silence and one listens to the voice of the Lord within us.

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