Medjugorje. There is a serious plan of Satan to destroy the world, but Our Lady is stopping it..”Pray with great force”

If we still believe in the Gospel, we can not deny that Satan is the tempter and perverter of humanity. He struggles with all his strength and his damn angelic intuitions to escape Jesus and throw us into despair and then into hell with him. 

Satan does not remain still for a moment, thinks, plans and acts to hit us at the weakest point and thus destroy our resistance. Above all, try to weaken us by distracting us from prayer, inspiring us to do other things, even good, so as not to make us pray more.

In this regard, we read this message: “When you feel weak in your prayer, do not stop but continue to pray with all your heart. And do not pay attention to the body, but gather completely in your spirit. 

Pray with even greater force so that your body does not win the spirit and your prayer is not empty. All of you who feel weak in prayer, pray with greater ardor, fight and meditate on what you pray for. Do not let any thought be deceived in prayer. Remove all thoughts, except those that unite Me and Jesus to you. 


It is a clear message on the action of satan towards the weak, those who pray little or badly and are incapable of governing the thoughts that come to the mind, to discern and intuit the origin of an idea, so as to be conditioned by any thought that arrives to the mind.

Many of the thoughts that come to our mind are temptations of satan and distract us, make prayer empty, without love and trust. We know that satan never rests.

Our thoughts also come from Satan, he is the main deviator of our Faith, it is he who always wants to get away from the truth of the Gospel. But there is also our human spirit to give us feelings contrary to the truth, if we live our Faith with little fidelity.

The attack of satan against humanity and against the Catholic Church has become ruthless in the past few decades, many and strange events have happened in the world to arouse apprehension in many people. This is why the apparition of Our Lady in Medjugorje arises, considered true and extraordinary by many Cardinals and Bishops.

Whoever has the Spirit of God, reads easily the signs of these times, realizes that the world is now in the hands of satan; on the other hand, he who does not have the Spirit of God does not understand how terrifying he is preparing satan against humanity. It seems that everything goes well, indeed, never went better because this life is a real pleasure, you can satisfy every pleasure, every instinct that comes to the mind. 

In those people in whom Satan is master, the very strong anger mixed with hatred against Medjugorje and against Our Lady is born, they come to pronounce heavy offenses against the Mother of God, only because it comes to call us to the fidelity of the Gospel and to tell us that Jesus calls us to the conversion and its Commandments. Many people who condemn the apparitions of Our Lady are Catholic.

Satan and all the devils are unleashed against humanity and try to destroy everything that is possible. Their murderous rage transmits hatred to all those who are not protected by Our Lady, and this also applies to the consecrated. And where there is hatred, Our Lady came to talk to us about Jesus’ love and to invite us to forgive. “Love, love! Jesus easily converts people if you love. Love you too: so you change the world! “(February 23, 1985).

In people deprived of the Grace of God, there is greater inclination to malice and transgression, to wickedness, to use every form of disloyalty to get what they want.

This rule does not apply to all non-believers or indifferent believers. But in many cases it is so. In one way or another. Even for one situation and not for all those in which they are involved. But it is enough to run into a negative situation with those who do not love and live in wickedness, to suffer moral, spiritual and dignity damages.

We are involved in an incredible spiritual war between the forces of Good and the forces of evil. Good will always win, but in the meantime the trouble caused by the satanic forces will have made the good suffer, and in any case, suffer millions of millions of human beings enormously.

The persecutions against the Catholic Church and the followers of Christ, the strange and incurable diseases, the wars caused by Satan will have been innumerable in the meantime.

To understand well this unleashing of satan, the danger of the betrayal of many consecrated persons in the Catholic Church, the emptying of morality, one must read the book of the Apocalypse. Everything is explained there. Even the daring plan of satan against God. It is a real war on the level of spirits, as it had never happened before, so much so that it is described in the book of the Apocalypse.

To carry on this evil plan, Satan has created an immense team of scoundrels and disgraced, operating in many sectors of public life, many of which occupy authoritative seats.

For this criminal plan of satan, against hell the hell broke out against the Catholic Church, so many evil forces of the earth have gathered, joining together for a common project: to destroy the Catholic Church.

Here is the birth of communism in the last century, the diffusion in the world of errors and falsities of the most false and diabolical ideology of human history.

The de-Christianization of the world is the project of satan, carried on by the occult powers. Today the Catholic Church finds itself fighting against a few billion people, all subjected to the service of satan. 

Who inspires, prepares and sends false prophets in the world is always Satan.

Knowing the irreversible rejection of the angels become demons for their rebellion due to pride and disobedience, we understand better the mortal hatred and the maximum restlessness of the demons against each of us. Not being able to strike God, in revenge they affect all of us, also because we are moving towards Paradise, while for the demons Paradise will be eternally inaccessible.

Satan today dominates the world with its spirit of pride and rebellion, it dominates over all those who do not pray and live in sin and in continuous immoral pastimes.

It dominates in many hearts full of hatred, revenge, malice, blasphemy against God and every form of good. Thus, Satan is bringing an immense number of people on the path of damnation, of sin, of boundless pleasure, of disobedience to the Law of God, of the rejection of the sacred.

Satan has convinced millions of Catholics that sin is no longer evil, and so they are justified and committed without scruple of conscience. Without confessing it anymore.

Many who until a few years ago preached the gravity of sin, today justify it, bringing millions of faithful to live in serious sins and not to confess them. An intellectual transformation has been incredibly fulfilled, due to the lack of true prayer and moral relaxation.

If sin first considered it an offense to God, today it is no longer an offense, but freedom, conquest. This way of reasoning is the same as Satan reasons. He hates the truth. This is why Our Lady said that “Satan makes fun of you and your souls” (March 25, 1992).

Our Lady in the Light of God knows everything, all the future is present to her, she knows the good and those who want to destroy humanity, because they put themselves at the service of the first world impostor: satan.

Our Lady said this on March 25, 1993: “Dear children! Today, as never before, I invite you to pray for peace: peace in your hearts, peace in your families and peace in the whole world; because Satan wants war, wants the lack of peace and wants to destroy all that is good. Therefore, dear children, pray, pray, pray. Thank you for answering my call! “.

And if someone complains that he does not receive help from Our Lady, meditate well on these words: “I can not help you because you are far from my Heart.Therefore, pray and live my messages and thus you will see the miracles of God’s love in your daily life “(March 25, 1992).

And in the face of a corrupt mentality that calls into question the apparition of Medjugorje, whoever gains is Satan, the enemy of man, the personified hatred, the adversary of Good. If Our Lady had not reminded humanity that Satan exists (and how it exists!), Who wants to destroy the Church, the world and all of us, who would remember more than Satan? In a message of July 26, 1983, Our Lady said: “Watch out! This is a dangerous period for you. Satan will try to distract you from this path. Those who give themselves to God always suffer the attacks of satan “.

And how many times did he speak of Satan, of his treacherous plots, of his malevolent cunning, of his tireless action against every human being, especially against those close to Jesus and to the Virgin Mary, then, those who are most likely to be saved and will go to Heaven .

Ask yourself why Satan does not disturb and is happy with all those who live in the most serious sins. Why the villains of this land are more fortunate, have less illnesses, are successful and are always in joy. But it is only an apparent fortune. It is not the true joy that Jesus gives. 

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  • Please pray for me, my name is Laura, I have never been able to go to Medjugorje, My Husband committed suicide 4 years ago. It destroyed our family. No one speaks to each other anymore..My Brother has liver cancer his name is David ..I have severe spinal cord damage! I would love to go to Medjugorje and take my Brother..We just don’t have the resources! Money Sad, Got to have a lot of money to go there especially for two or more but even one is so much, We just don’t have it.It’s getting harder for me to walk and move about!No one around to even help me and i’m a widow!Prayer was so easy and meditation was so easy and now I struggle to pray.The pain is so bad I can’t think! I think of dumb things like how i have spent my life anyone i knew or saw who needed help i was always there to help no matter who it was..and yet I need help and there is no one who even cares! I’m so alone! I think of all the people who have been able to go there over and over again and I can’t even get there one time!..I do pray to be able to go there but never happens!I was so close to Jesus and our Holy Mother I could feel their presence all around me. All i feel now is pain!

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