Medjugorje Today “You cannot imagine what is going to happen … nor what the Eternal Father will send to earth.”

On September 2, 2010, after the apparition, Mirjana was overcome with emotion at Our Lady’s leaving and she had to take a few moments to recollect herself before relaying Our Lady’s words.

The silence of the crowd gathered around Mirjana is always an amazing experience at the time of the apparition and afterwards. The crowd understands that Our Lady is present, and they enter the quietness of their own hearts to speak to Our Lady.

Not even in our churches today can you hear such silence.

Our Lady’s presence here on earth continues to convert people and this time of grace is more important than ever because the souls of humanity are being harvested by satan like never before.

Our Lady says: “Dear children! In this peaceless time in which the devil is harvesting souls to draw them to himself, I am calling you to persevering prayer, so that in prayer you discover the God of love and hope.”

Our Lady is constantly reminding us to put God in the first place in our lives because many of us are unaware that real consequences exist. The Blessed Mother repeats her plea to her faithful ones: ‘Please pray for unbelievers every day. They know not what awaits them.’

The only thing that I would want to tell you is to be converted. Make that known to all my children as quickly as possible. No pain, no suffering is too great for me in order to save you. I will pray to my Son not to punish the world; but I plead with you, be converted. You cannot imagine what is going to happen nor what the Eternal Father will send to earth.