Medjugorje Visionary who knows the future states clearly: This virus is evil – but not a punishment from God – It won’t last long.”

When discussing the message of February 25, 2020, visionary Marija told Padre Livio on Radio Maria: “This virus is evil, it doesn’t come from God. I am convinced that this situation won’t last long, but for us it is an invitation to start a new life. When I heard this Coronavirus, I asked myself: ‘How can we fight him?’ As the name tells us, let’s stick to the Crown, let’s stick to the Rosary. Holy Rosary has won on a thousand occasions. Let’s start with the Rosary in our families. May the Lord free us from this fear… Jesus said that certain evil spirits can only be removed by prayer and fasting. Even for this virus we start praying and fasting.”

(February 25, 2020)

“Dear children! In this time of grace, I desire to see your faces transformed in prayer. You are so flooded by earthly concerns; you do not even feel that spring is at the threshold. You are called, little children, to penance and prayer. As nature fights in silence for new life, also you are called to open yourselves in prayer to God, in Whom you will find the peace and warmth of the spring sun in your hearts. Thank you for having responded to my call.” 


Chonchita, Visionary of the Virgin Mary at Garabandal says the Coronavirus pandemic is leading the world to the prophecized “Illunimation or examination of Conscience”


Source Garabandal Forum


From Glen Hudson: “I asked Conchita if she would be kind enough to offer some words of advice to all of us, in this troubling times.”

Here Are her words.

 “God is detaching us from the securities of this world. In the silence of the Church or in our house, we are now able to make an examination of conscience so we can clean what prevents us from hearing the Voice of God clearly. With sincerity we can ask God to tell us what He wants of us today, and continue to do that every day. And spend as much time as possible with God at church or somewhere in your home or where you find the silence. He is all we need.”


Robert Gillespie