New Message from Jesus to “CLAIRVOYANT” Marie-Josée – Jesus Reveals Secrets of the Cross in Heaven

My Very great children of the whole earth, listen carefully to Me. It is Jesus the Most High Speaking to you. Today,  my loves, I teach you the mystery of the Cross.

The Cross, my hearts, is much more than the symbol of Christians and the human instrument used during the time of My historic visit to Earth to sacrifice myself.

This plan of death on the Cross was conceived by God the Father, Himself, Abba Our Father, for all of us at the very beginning of creation. The Cross, my friends is also found in Paradise. Yes, my children, the Cross on which I sacrificed Myself can be seen by all the inhabitants of Paradise and at all times throughout eternity. The Cross of human redemption spans the sky of Paradise with a dazzling light, a fire. Indeed, the Cross encompasses all the celestial vault of the kingdom of Heaven, your home which awaits you after the passage of death. For the Glory of Christ is the image of God. Come my children, on the Cross with Me, be united with me! Be love with Me. Be Charity with Me, be hope with Me! Allow your sou, and we will dwell at the center of the world: the Cross that covers all the vault of Heaven. The, you will understand this scripture: When Christ who is our Life, is revealed, then you will also be revealed with Him in Glory (Colossians 3:4) I bless you and I love you.

Marie-Josée Thibault’s life is in no way similar to yours. When she gets up, the Saints in Heaven visit her, talk to her, teach her, and pray intensely with her. When this mystical session draws to a close, she greets with great respect and deep reverence her Masters of the Heavenly Court. This servant of the Lord spends the rest of the day in the company of her Guardian Angel, who continues her spiritual education and ceaselessly protects her from the perils of this fallen world. Her gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience, bestowed by the Heavenly Father, allow her continual contact with this supernatural dimension juxtaposed with ours, where the soul is born of the Spirit, through Jesus and Mary.


A drop of Gold from Heaven itself! Discover here the everlasting ministry of Jesus; the ongoing ministry of the most Blessed Virgin Mary; the unique ministry of the Angels of God; and the enduring Voice from Heaven’s Triumphant Church, our beloved Saints