New Video – Fr. Rodrigue: A Divine Warnings from God the Father for 2021: ”Satan is Going to Attack!”

Fr. Michel Rodrigue prophesies that are specific

The biggest distinguishing factor of Fr. Rodrigue’s message from Church approved messages about the Apocalypse is the specificity on the timing and details about the Apocalypse. He’s saying the time is now!

  • “[The Father told me] …You will build it [the second monastery] at the end of the mandate of Trump. This means that in 2020, you will have to build it.”
  • The smoke of satan entered the Church through the German bishops and with the Pachamama idol worship opening the Amazon Synod.
  • Everything began to unravel after Christmas 2019.
  • There will be political collapse.
  • There will be a warning where:
    • The whole world will see Jesus on the Cross in the sky with rays coming from his sacred wound where blood and water gushed forth as a font of mercy for us.
    • Every soul will see their life sins that have not been confessed. If a soul is currently on its way to purgatory, hell or heaven they will experience this. There are others who who have said similar things, but so far there does not appear to be Church approval of any message that speaks of a simultaneous event where every person in the world will see their sins.
    • Small tongues of fire will land on every soul during this process which will last about 15 minutes. Every soul will encounter Our Blessed Lord.
  • After this event mankind will have 6 weeks of calm to get to confession and make a decision before all hell breaks loose on earth. All people will be shown the truth of Christ’s One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. Priests will spend day and night in the confessional.
  • Priests will baptize 100’s at a time and will be up day and night taking confessions.
  • The guardian angels of faithful souls will guide them to places of refuge with a flame in front of them.
  • The Holy Spirit will hide the refuge communities supernaturally from persecution
  • Once the Warning happens TVs must be thrown out. The media will tell people that this event had to do with the rays and radiation of the sun. That will be a lie. Christians will not be able to use any communication technology such as computers and smart phones. All tech will be used against Christians.
  • The one world order will commence immediately and the army for the one world order is already in place waiting orders
  • After the 6 week relief nuclear war will happen and 7 nuclear missiles will be permitted to strike the US as a result of abominations. Many nuclear missiles will be deflected by the Hand of God because America does pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. He claims this was told to him by the Eternal Father.
  • The devil will kill one third of humanity just as one third of the angels were cast out of heaven to hell.
  • The Antichrist will take his throne within the false church, and will reign from within “the church”in the seat of Peter, the pope.
  • Pope Francis will flee the Vatican before the Warning (and be killed) and there will be a false pope (false prophet). Pope Emeritus Benedict will try to call a council, but will be a martyr.
  • There will be a required mark to buy and sell and those who do not take it will be hunted like the SS hunted Jews during the second war. If you are captured you will be tortured and martyred if you will not convert to the Antichrist and the one world government.
  • This will all precede the Three Days of Darkness.
  • Satan will be cast to hell for 1000 years and then released for one final battle.

Note: It seems there is a fair amount of misinformation about Fr. Michel on the internet. Some sources claimed that Fr. Michel said the Warning would be in October 2020, but Fr. Michel said he doesn’t know when the warning would take place and that the Father hasn’t told him. He only has personal opinions, nothing he claims to be prophetic.

Fr. Michel is telling people to prepare in this way:

  • Go to confession at least once a month to be prepared.
  • We should have a 3 month supply of food in our home.
  • Consecrate our home to the Holy Family to make our home to be a temporary refuge until the Holy Spirit guides us to a permanent refuge. All we need will be provided at the refuges that we will be guided to if one surrenders to God.
  • Press into Jesus because he is the most important refuge
  • Don’t be excessively focused on survivalism but rather prepare spiritually

If Fr. Michel is a true prophet, he would be presenting to the world the most dramatic inner locutions of all of history.

Some things that Fr. Michel has prophesied have come true

  • It appears he made a prophesy that things would unravel after Christmas 2019. The world experienced COVID and closed churches etc. soon after Christmas 2019.
  • He says the Father told him “…You will build it [your second monastery] at the end of the mandate of Trump. This means that in 2020, you will have to build it.” He wrote this when few people predicted a Biden win.
  • The Black Lives Matters riots and the (rather meek) storming of the Senate on Jan 6th by Trump supporters, shows the beginning of civil unrest.
  • The “Great Reset” looks to be the beginning of the One World Government and it was featured on the cover of time.
  • We’ll add more here as it develops… and if any other prophesies come true.