Padre Pio, 40 feet deep, awaits us with open arms

This splendid statue of Padre Pio is located off the island of Capraia, Italy in the Tremiti archipelago, in the province of Foggia. 
Those who love diving can also find the image of the saint of Pietrelcina on the sea, with open arms. 
As you go down deep, in fact, you can see the figure of Padre Pio , who becomes more and more clear, with his arms wide open, almost as if he were waiting to embrace some of us.

So, Padre Pio, from there, also blesses the waters that wet the land that has welcomed him for many years of his life. 
The statue is 3 meters high and was placed in the sea on October 3, 1998. It is exactly 14 meters deep and was sculpted by the artist Mimmo Norcia.

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  • St. Padre Pio , Pray for Us in this Dangerous World . Amen ❤️❤️????

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