Prayer of Entrustment to Merciful Jesus

Recently I had the joy of being in Poland, the land of Pope St John Paul II, St Faustina Kowalska, St Maximillian Kolbe, Blessed Honoratus Kozminski OFM Cap, just to mention a few names of great Polish saints and blessed.

Poland is the land through which the Lord invited to us once more to have access to His Divine Mercy. The Divine Mercy devotion is all about trust. For that matter I was lovingly presented with this powerful prayer of Entrustment to Merciful Jesus.

Most Merciful Jesus,

My Lord and Savior.

In view of heaven and earth, aware of my

misery, sinfulness and inadequacy.

I give myself totally and completely,

knowingly and willingly

to Thy Infinite Mercy.

Trusting your Merciful Love

I renounce forever and completely:

  • evil and what leads to evil
  • demons and all their issues and temptations
  • the world and everything that tries to pull me and enslave me
  • myself and everything that builds and satisfies my selfishness and pride.

I give myself to you, Jesus

Most Merciful Savior,

as the only Lord and my God,

the only love, desire

and purpose of my life.

With all humanity, trust and submission

to your Most Merciful Will

I give you myself:

  • my body, soul and spirit
  • all my being
  • a life in time and eternity
  • past, present and future
  • mind, emotions and desires
  • all the senses, and my rights
  • my will and freedom
  • all of what I am
  • what I have and what makes me.

I do not leave myself anything,

everything I give to your Holy Will

by the hands of the Immaculate Mother of Mercy.

Dispose of me as you want,

at your Mercy,

Defend me and use me

As Your sole and absolute property.

Jesus, I trust in You!


The Divine Mercy message is about TRUSTING JESUS with one’s life’s life. Hence, this prayer of entrustment to Merciful Jesus helps us a great deal in that holy direction. I greatly encourage everyone to start his and her day with it.


Fr Mario Attard OFM Cap