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July 1, 2024.

Father Donald Calloway is a famous American priest and promoter of devotion to the Virgin Mary , and his testimony dramatically disturbed the spiritual world.

Namely, before he became a Catholic, and today he is also a priest, he was addicted to hard drugs , and faith in God was an absolute unknown to him. He tried withdrawals, but it didn’t work.ADVERTISING

One evening in absolute darkness and darkness, depressed, he pulls out a book about Medjugorje from the bookshelf of his parents and experienced an absolute transformation of his life.

“Donnie, I’m so happy”

A mystical experience 

The second morning he began the process of conversion that led him to Catholicism, and eventually to the priesthood, and he went from being a completely senseless young man destroyed by drugs, to becoming the author of numerous theological and Marian works, which is an absolutely supernatural work of God.

Father Calloway told how the demon wanted to prevent his conversion to Catholicism. The first thing he did was to put a picture of Jesus in his room.

“I got down on my knees and said, ‘I need you, I think you’re real and I love you. What happened next can only be called divine detox and romance. God flooded my soul with such mercy that I began to cry.”

So he stayed in the room all day. “When I finally came to, so to speak, because it was a totally mystical experience, I got up and laid down on the sofa.” Then something happened that terrified him to the point that, 20 years later, he prayed it wouldn’t happen again.

“The devil has come.”

“The creature appeared in the room and began to manifest – as if it literally took physical form. I was so terrified I couldn’t even move. If anyone has ever had sleep paralysis, it’s a terrifying experience magnified by a trillion, because you’re awake. This was a living thing that wanted me,” Father Calloway explains.

“I was so terrified that I had to close my eyes. I was completely petrified. I couldn’t do anything,” he said, adding that he once used a Ouija board and “I think the devil thought I belonged to him because of that,” he said.

According to his story, he did the only thing he knew how to do at that moment: “From the bottom of my heart I cried out the name: ‘ Maria !’

“And you know what happened? It was destroyed. The demon was completely obliterated by that name. And I experienced the most incredible peace that I haven’t experienced to this day , and I probably won’t on this side of eternity.”

But his mystical experience did not end there. Suddenly he heard “the purest, most feminine, motherly voice” in his soul saying, “Donnie, I’m so happy.”

“No one calls me Donnie except my mom. No one,” he said. “It was the mother of Jesus Christ who told me that she was also my mother… the devil could not touch me, because I was in Mary’s arms.”

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