“The trials will come and you will not be strong, but if you are mine, you will win.” – To read


Fr Livio : Our Lady said in the message of 25 July 2020: “ The trials will come and you will not be strong “. But she added: “ But if you are mine, you will win “.


Marija : Years ago On January 1, 2001 Our Lady said: “now Satan is released from his chains“,Our Lady says that there is this spiritual disease in many souls who are going towards spiritual death ,  but she immediately gave us the medicine: there are people who help, such as priests. People go to confession and heal spiritually. I saw so many in Medjugorje that changed their lives and became joyful bearers of the message of Our Lady, with Adoration, prayer, Holy Mass, the Sacraments …


We know what we have to do, 


I am not afraid:our life is in the hands of God.


God is taking me on a path in this valley of tears, but then I will go to Heaven and like St. Philip Neri said and  I repeat: “Heaven! Paradise!” The best thing we need to be aware of is that I was born and will never die until eternity. And I say: “God created me, I am important in the eyes of God”. When we have this awareness, we walk on this earth, going towards the Father’s house, in eternity.


Our Lady always gives us hope, she is with us and guides us on this path of salvation, because God has called us through Our Lady; God wants to help us, save us. He was born and died for us and we too are in his plan of salvation


There are many obstacles: diseases, old age and many other things that are part of life. I too was often ill in the early years. Our Lady told me: “Never allow suffering to happen in vain”. Above all you sick people, you who suffer spiritually or physically, offer everything to God for the salvation of souls , for the souls in Purgatory, for your priests and for many other intentions …

PRAYER OF THE MADONNA For Consecration to the Immacualte heart of  Mary DICTATED TO JELENA VASILJ

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, burning with goodness, show your love for us.

The flame of your heart, oh Mary, descends on all men. We love you so much. Imprint true love in our hearts so that we have a continuous desire for You. O Mary, humble and meek of heart, remind you of us when we are in sin. You know that all men sin. Give us, through your Immaculate Heart, spiritual health. Grant that we can always look at the goodness of Your maternal Heart and that we convert through the flame of Your Heart. Amen.