The Next Gen Social Media App..”MEWE “No politics – no agenda” …Not Sure Facebook is Friendly to People of Faith Anymore

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The Politics of MeWe

I want to let all of our members know where MeWe stands in regards to politics and censorship.

It’s really quite simple. My politics are not relevant at MeWe, nor are anyone’s who works for the company. At MeWe we have absolutely no political agenda and we have a very straightforward Terms of Service. MeWe is for all law-abiding people everywhere, regardless of political, ethnic, religious, sexual, and other preferences. That is Democracy!

We live in the greatest country in the world, founded on the absolute fundamental premises of freedom of speech, citizen privacy, and true Democracy. At MeWe we support and cherish these!

I am first and foremost an American patriot, and everyday I count my blessings to have been born in the USA. For any administration, right, left, middle, I will always serve if asked. That is my duty to serve our great country, politics aside.

Now it looks like Facebook is the source of bizarre rumors attempting to interfere with free speech on MeWe. The rumors are attempting to associate me with the politics and censorship of Mark Zuckerberg. OMG.

Let’s set the record straight. As a privacy expert I was invited to be an unpaid Steering Committee Member of NSTIC (National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace), during the Obama years. I accepted the invitation and volunteered so I could and did strongly argue against any “national identity system”, a complete violation of privacy principles. It was an absurd committee with members attempting to justify the creation of a system that would essentially eliminate the privacy of every person in the USA, and eventually the world.

We have to be vigilant watching for any initiatives like these and stop them in their tracks!

MeWe: Great Communication Technology, NO BS