The strong message that Jesus gave to Sister Menendes. These powerful words will let you face the difficulties of this day…”This wound, that of the Heart, is a divine volcano”.

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During her short life, Sister Josefa Menendes (died in 1923 at only 33) had the honor / duty to receive messages from Jesus . During all her life few believed that the nun was blessed by the messages of Our Lord and so it was also for the 15 years following her death. Then, however, the rumors about the favors obtained through her made the Church interested in the messages contained in her diary and after due confirmation the decision was made to make public the messages that Jesus delivered to his humble servant.

Today these writings represent a message of hope, a source of inspiration and a foothold for many faithful. These are messages in which Jesus communicates his displeasure for the skepticism of many towards him, but at the same time in which he repeats the greatness of his love towards the human being and his firm intention to offer salvation to all. Here, then, we will bring someone back to them so they can be a useful means of reflection on God and on life.

The messages of Jesus to Sister Menendes

Here are the first three messages that the nun transcribed in her diary:

  • First day : “I ask the souls three things: REPAIR – LOVE – CONFIDENCE.I come to rest in you, dear soul … I am so little loved by men …! I always look for love, and I find only ingratitude! … There are so few souls who truly love me! … I want you to be willing to console my Heart when I ask you;because the comfort that a faithful soul gives me compensates for the bitterness that so many cold and indifferent souls cause me “. In these first words there is all the sorrow of Christ for a humanity that once again loses itself in its sins and the hope that its message may flourish again through its messengers.
  • Second day : “Look at my open wounds on the cross, to redeem the world from eternal death and to give it life … it is they who obtain mercy and forgiveness for so many souls that cause the wrath of the Father. These wounds will give from now on light, strength, love to all souls. This wound, that of the Heart, is a divine volcano where I would like to light up the souls chosen by me; all the graces that my Heart contains are for them, so that they spread them on the world, on so many souls that they can not seek them, and also on those who despise them “.In this second message, Jesus remembers the meaning of his sacrifice and renews his intention to save as many souls as possible with his example.
  • Third Day : “I want you to love me like this: sweetly, always and in everything, in work and in rest, in prayer and in joy, in pain and humiliation; always in short, you must try with your works your love. This is Love! If the souls understood it, how much they would advance in perfection! How much they would console my Heart! Tell me that you love me: it is what comforts me most, because I am hungry for love! I want you to burn from the desire to see me loved and that your heart will not feed that of this desire. Look at my Heart and the flame that consumes it: it is my love for souls and especially for the chosen souls. To them my Heart reserves a place of preference … but how many ignore it! Enter into my Heart, taste its sweetness, intoxicated with its peace: let your heart be lit by the contact of the divine flame … Take part in my sufferings, in my sadness, in my hours of solitude; keep me company. Love me for so many souls who abandon me and despise me “. Once again Jesus shows his suffering for those who repudiate him and asks the nun of Amarlo for those who despise him, so as to heal those wounds and allow those who cause them to be redeemed.